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4 years ago Tahhh

Hahaha....I was just feeling a little jealous listening to your "shout-outs" to other fans.  I had been watching those wonderful, wonderful moments when we can actually see your piss-slit part slightly to release the next little dribble of pre-cum . . .and noticing that you weren't excreting CLEAR pre-cum anymore, but slightly cloudy pre-cum, as if some of your sperm were impatient to get out there.  I had been thinking about how nice it would be to have my tongue inserted in the other end of the "fleshlight" so that your cock would be straining to get close enough for my tongue-tip to lift off the drops and savor them . . . and enjoying these pleasant thoughts, you began "shouting out" to your fans, and I was thinking, gee, I wish he would talk to ME like that when he was so aroused and excited . . .

And then . . . almost as if you were hearing my thoughts, at 5:22:  "And hey, I have to say, Tahhh . . ."  It's so exciting knowing that you were getting a little charge knowing I'd be watching and listening to your excited, shivering sort of breath as your arousal mounts!

Maybe we fans should submit special "climax requests:" for these wonderful fleshlight-drive videos, asking you to consider (verbally, if you can) a particular thought we're having as you watch.  I think MINE would be to have you push in, deeply, and hold still right at the climax, trying to imagine how it would feel to have the tips of my moustache hairs brush across that piss-slit just as the load is ***** to burst out.

You know, the lens-clouding is part of the charm, I think, if you can get it cleaned off properly when you're done . . .

And yes, tell this shy buddy of yours that none of us here are interested in embarrassing you or him or anybody, and are really only here for the same reason you and your buddy are:  enjoyment and arousal.  If he's that worried about his voice being recognized, let him speak in French or with an accent or something--or whisper or growl.

I wonder how much time elapsed between the fleshlight session and the second shot?  It's funny how different your two shots are--the first one, where you were really on edge and fighting to hold it back as long as you could, and the second one, where you were actively coaxing it forth.  Even the shots themselves are a little different.

How odd that your "paranoid" friend didn't choose to change angle a bit, maybe walk around to film from your legs up for a while, or from the side.

Gee, it would be fun to be a "cameraman" for one of your sessions . . .

I shall have to save this one, I think, with its little "shout-out" message to me.  I'm really flattered and spattered, as it were.  [grin]  I do hope that sometime when you're fighting off that last second of retaining your sperm, you'll think of my tongue-tip and the brush of my moustached kiss right on that wet piss-slit.  I love knowing that you're releasing all that seed with my lips on your mind!

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4 years ago kyleelgin

Your vids are the gold standard of YouTube and you certainly raised the bar with this one!
With all of the clips you have posted over time, I feel as though you have become a JO Bud.
 Your verbals and enthusiasim is the perfect combination that always guarantees a very happy ending and has me wanting for more.

Keeping the camera rolling with your bud watching was an act of horny braveness and certainly added to the heat of the moment.
[Man, I'm starting to drip again]

If you ever get him to join in, you have to post that vid!
Let him know, NONE of us will EVER let his identity be known. Why spoil a good thing?
Hell, if I lived next door, I'd be over in a flash and every day.

Ok, I have to watch this vid again.
Thanks ahead of time!

Keep up the great work. You have made a lot of people very happy.

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1 year ago ChronicBatorSF

Awesome bating & ejaculations with nice big loads of semen.  I ejaculated  with you at the end.   (-:

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2 years ago jay2004a

That's a hot little cock you got there.  Just the right size to swallow it up whole.

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3 years ago beetlez

great vid man

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4 years ago dogtags6969

you are beautiful

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