Understanding edging and gooning

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4 years ago Pinned blownvinyl

Hey Funky_Jerker, thanks for sharing this with us. :)

I have been practicing edging since my 20's when I discovered it as a technique for improving my lasting power. ( A throw back to the habits you learn when you're a , with the need to crack one out as quick as possible to avoid being caught :)  )

I'm sixty now and still edge and goon, usually 2 or 3 sessions a day! sometimes going several days without cumming!

Nirvana is realising that you are the master and your penis is your slave. The waves of pleasure you get from riding that crest, and the masochistic "" from denying yourself an ejaculation only serves to heighten the orgasmic explosion when you do decide to cum :)

Funky_Jerker - thank you

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4 years ago Pinned greyzi

Catch my roommate doing exactly this almost every day when I come home.  He's usually so gooned he doesn't even care.  Great vid. 

johncray1969 2 years ago

I had a friend staying with me for a while and he NEVER masturbated. I was caught edging and masturbating by him frequently. i kinda started to like him walking in on me. I referred to him as "painfully straight" because he not only never masturbated but he didn't even watch porn with me even though I would intentionally watch straight porn for his sake. I have never met such a repressed person in my life. It made me very sad to know he was denying himself such pleasure just due to hang-ups most likely on from parenting. I live in a studio so there isn't any privacy and after some time I would catch him peeking at the porn I was watching when I had thought he was , which was hot in it's own way. He stayed with me way too long and as glad as I was when he finally moved on, I really miss having him around. LOL

lfsfreaky 3 years ago

damn that's hot

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6 months ago Pinned STrongMail

I fucking love this video. You should post some stamina training for us.. u know, like edge along

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8 months ago Pinned zunbym

Fantastic instructional video! I'm gonna start this tonight. Thanks a ton! Here's your thousandth subscriber ;).

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9 months ago Pinned aad2

Great video, bator! I too am a master edger and gooner. I teach guys how to edge and deny. 37 days here edged and uncummed. This is a great video to help guys understand the pure bliss of edging and gooning!

thefilled 4 months ago

37 days that's nice man. Whenever I go that long my dick is so sensitive and I get hard instantly, it's so awesome. It's great to know others love gooning.

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1 year ago Pinned cubchunk

I fucking love this, great training video.

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1 year ago Pinned fullbladder

Fullbladder has edged and gooned every day of all his adult life, including while typing this comment. Such a joy to know and see others doing the same.

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