Ten Years Gone - first vid remastered sorta

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2) 20s guy watches for a minute, rubbing his junk thru his jeans. Then undoes button and fly, hooks thumb to pull down white underwear, and starts jerking in the front seat. After another minute, he gets in the back seat behind the driver to watch me thru the tinted window for a better angle - but I can still see him goin at it, and that he's got a big dick.

This lasts for maybe 2 more minutes until the driver comes back, but 20s guy has enough time to zip up and get back in the front passenger seat unnoticed. They back out and drive around the corner. Thru my door's peephole I can see where they park and get out. 20s guy is taller and bigger than the driver, looking back in my direction as driver unlocks the first floor room they got.

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Briefs make you better now

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Fuckin stud!

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2 x Boxer ... Fantastic. Lovin the first pair of boxers !!

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Don't be such a stranger, keep those videos cumming,

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