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6 years ago Pinned FreakinDallas

Another great head-job & video. U know you got skills when u can make a dude cum quick and with no hands! And on that note, a few words of inspiration: HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF & EVERYTHING YOU DO MY ! I have seen many of your videos AND read the descriptions as well. At times it seems you express something less than confidence in your looks or body (as this description infers). We all know you got confidence in ya head game! But I just want to say have total confidence in yourself. I would love to see your phat booty gettin fucked. See ya jerkin ya dick & fingerin yo puzzy too for that matter. YOU ARE AN X-TUBE SUPERSTAR! Right up there with Hoovermouth, JWeller, Cumdump4hungtops, etc. Look, this website is for the regular dudes, the not-so-perfect guys to get some shine. You watch other gay pornos and see those model or bodybuilder types, but for most of us that is just unrealistic. Unrealistic to strive to be like or look like and unrealistic to try and chase and pursue. And besides, I have had a few of those types, and truth let it be known, a lot of them ain't got no type of real game in da fucking or head department the way you and some of those other Xtube stars  I mentioned have. So lookin like a male model ain't what its always about. Especially for real-ass, Top, hard dick n***as! We want dat sloppy dome n dat puzzay! I know you said you been gettin some hateration on here, so I just wanted to try to send a positive message your way! Keep suckin, keep luvin & keep livin ya life bro!

DownlowBJ 6 years ago

Real talk brutha! I myself are not of the model/6pack havin club but my head game is crazy trust me, had dudes tell me b4. Great comment brutha. And yes, his videos are hot as hell!

stanley39 6 years ago

you said that,,,,,,,,

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6 years ago Pinned NoGagSuckerSF

OM-effing-gawd in heaven, that is your best sucking vid yet...  seeing your pussymouth just get down on that fine big black bone and no hands, just that cock getting deepthroated -- had my dick hard and bouncing....   does that stud know  how lucky he is to have your suckhole opening wide for his meat?....  bet he drops his boxers again for your mouth....  you know how to please this cocksucker by showing that hot creamy nutt splooging out of his hose -- yahoo!!....  i'm ready to fly into philly if that BBC is available for my throat....  to top it all off, you skills get him to squirt only from sucking...  wow...

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6 years ago Pinned duckiedj

I like how dude talks and moans when busting dat nutt.

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6 years ago Pinned killawiz

I wanna come visit & you can take me round the city so I can suck some of those nice dicks you be sucking on bruh. DAMN

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6 years ago Pinned ronbig94u

Whew, that dick was just like I love em, young, big, long and black, damn, wish it was me sucking that BBD, plus, he sounded fly too!

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6 years ago Pinned erodulus


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6 years ago Pinned bigbodybison

I wanna see you get fucked!

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