Stuck in my chastity cage!

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9 months ago Pinned flexible789

Dear CD...I have been following you for several years and have admired your courage and sane openness, all very hot!

While some time in permanent chastity is very exciting to us faggie sub bys, ultimately you will need to have access to your little clit for health reasons I think...even if just cleaning, so you do need to resolve the issue I think.

If I were in your position I would be hard to, bi I guess, here in UK I would go to a hos[ital who would be able to cut of the lock through your PA. They are used to this sort of stuff - believe me.

Do you have a health insurance plan?

Any way, please let us know how you resolve the situation. If ever I am over on the West Coast I would love to meet up and swap experiences.


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10 months ago Pinned electrofun

First try some WD40 in the lock if that doesn't work get a dremel and carefully cut the lock shackle with the cut off wheel. Use a wet towel to keep from getting injured by any sparks. Thats my thought on this.

chastitydragon 10 months ago

I want out but I don't want out at the same time.

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10 months ago Pinned e2peter

Live life in permanent chastity slave..

chastitydragon 10 months ago

I am so turned on my things that are permanent.

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11 months ago Pinned makkle

sounds hot but tragedy in life

chastitydragon 11 months ago

that's chastity lifestyle....

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11 months ago Pinned slvbttm

You asked for it so you got it! Good Job slave! i am locked permanently too so get used to it and you can travel but you have to show your metal to go past strong and enjoy your situation another stage by having to show TSA your is not that bad

chastitydragon 11 months ago

Two questions,,,,1) what do you tell TSA at the metal detector? 2) how do you shave your pubic area? i can shave outside of my cage but not inside and hair will grow very long eventually.

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