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4 years ago gettinoff4u

out of all the guys, who's cum taste the best? 

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4 years ago hebrewman1

i love furry men anyway, but this guys fur covered ass just drives me over the wall.  how i'd love to bury my face in that for hours on end.  i'd never tire of it.  woof.

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4 years ago BavarianGuy87

YES, ou are REALLY good at that!

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Pvt, you are quite the gentleman for,  #2, sharing him but #1 editing his face as dressed. Your considertaion for your guests extends clearly past apreciation for their own "private" gifts.

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4 years ago goateemaninva

amazing bud

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4 years ago Tahhh

I bet this man--and many of your visitors--find it incredibly arousing simply to have their scrotums handled and touched the way you do it.  I think most men only feel their OWN fingers back there, and the sensation of feeling some other person handling this spot on their bodies must be very startling and strange, at first.

It's so beautiful watching the beautiful purple blush that overspreads the swollen flesh of his cock when he gets fully erect:  it really changes color completely, from the swarthy, brown of its flaccid state.

I always wonder, with so many of your visitors, how "productive" they are of precum while you're working them to the climax.  Generally, I tend to be more focused on THEIR experiences as I watch, but every now and then I try to imagine what sorts of aromas and flavors YOU are enjoying, and what the heated, swollen penis-flesh might feel like as you feel it sliding over the blade of your tongue.  I like to think that you can TASTE your visitor's feelings, flavoring the saliva in your mouth, and can enjoy considering how fluids from your salivary glands and his prostate and Cowper's glands are mixing inside your mouth as your visitor inches toward his orgasm.

Sometimes we can see it . . . but it occurs to me that some men's precum may be thinner, more liquid, and less easy to see in residue when the tip of his penis emerges from your lips.

I love the boyish, trembling sort of orgasm he has--I can see you have to be very, very careful with his sensitive penis once he cums.  The poor guy still sounds a little nervous and uneasy about the whole thing, so I hope he doesn't try to fight the urge to return for more.  I can sort of tell he feels a little funny about how much pleasure this is giving him.

But I agree with everybody else about how very, very beautiful that very hairy butt is.  Absolutely irresistable.

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4 years ago cmheast

Love his hairy ass, beautiful cock

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