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5 years ago Lynx76

this would have been better if scenes weren't so cut up and constantly repeated every 5 seconds

(12 votes) 100%


4 years ago FreeThinking

the music is intended tpo add to teh fun, i get thatr... but it doesn't the actions speaks for its;elf, the two stars deserve that...repost after removing the music, it does NOT belong here, buddy  --  am looking forward to your futur3e work i hope you find our comments helpful.
Please NO more MUSIC in your work -- ruins it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(7 votes) 100%

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2 years ago 808_valentine

You are both stoked! You have a wife that likes to fuck *****, and I am sure you enjoy it as well. Very cool. Very similar to my gf and I

(0 votes) 0%

We don't car about how good your editing software is, or your music tastes. We ar here because we want to see your slut wife get fucked and love it. STOP adding music STOP the choppy edits. Just post the vid and let us wank!

(2 votes) 100%


2 years ago Superboy69s

Lucky wife - to have Scott's dick in her pussy!

(0 votes) 0%


3 years ago jbordeau

Great video.  Three cums already!

(0 votes) 0%


3 years ago DrewDawg13

Everyone is just jealous...music or not...this video is f#cking hot! I hope you make more and stick to the 18 yo dudes plowing your wife.

(1 votes) 100%