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5 years ago Blaze2020

In the porno movie "Boot Black II", there was a scene in the basement of a bar, between two guys. 

[The scene started out with the guys on either side of a section of chain-link fence, that had been set up, down there.]

Both guys were pretty big, but one of them had a dick that was pretty fat, too.  At one point, when he was topping the other guy, the camera gave a close-up to the face of the guy who was bottoming.  All of a sudden, an expression came over that guy's face, that I found notable. 

I have experienced the sensation of having what I believe to have been that same, bug-eyed expression becoming manifest, on my own face.

Now, for guys who are smaller than Jeff Stryker, I'll tell you that, when I was mostly a top, I always felt insecure about my dick (was it big enough, did it feel good, to the bottom, etc.).  I will tell you, truly and honestly, that I have cum in plenty of awesome, mind-blowing orgasms, using my only my thumb, rather than multiple fingers or both hands, or whatever, to plow my butt with.  And I will tell you that, from my perspective as a bottom, in an interaction in which I was moaning and groaning because someone was plowing me with a big, fat dildo, such thoughts as "I wish I could make you feel like that" are dumb thoughts, for the reason that you ARE the one making me feel likt that. 

Getting fucked can feel like heaven on earth, or it can ***** like hell, whether it's happening with a dick or a toy.  If you got a short dick, you've got to know that your short dick feels good, to your bottom.  Prove it to yourself, by plowing your own butt with a toy that's smaller than you are.  You'll see that it's not the size of the wand, but the magic in it, that matters.  And, whether the "wand" is your dick, your hands, your feet, or some toy or other, it's you, who's providing the magic.

When my eyes bugged out, that's when he came.  I think I'd come, myself, about three seconds after he got inside me.  I feel lucky, that I'd played with myself enough, before I met that guy, to be able to not only keep on going, with him, after I'd cum, but to enjoy it, also, rather than just gritting my teeth and "taking it".  Because I was ready to be with him forever, even before we'd had sex; and I'm glad what we had was more (for me, anyway) than meeting some kind of physical-endurance challenge.

I talk too much.

Hawkeyefan123 2 years ago

A well-written summary of what it's like. Every guy who is about to be fucked, or is considering being fucked, should read your comprehensive advice. Sex is meant to be enjoyed and even exceedingly well hung cocks can feel great, if done right. Like a hot young jock said once, just pretend you are taking a huge, big BM dump over and over and over again!

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5 years ago mike4xxl

i want this big cock in my ass

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1 year ago loopchi

that top "CASTRO" huge cock but what a bored ...

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2 years ago weritoloco


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2 years ago puto32

Tómela cabrón!!!

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2 years ago LookingHopingHard

I'm not sure it's that big.  His top should do that to me so I can judge for myself.

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3 years ago m0s87

ive been inthtposition its painfulbut great :)

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