How to become an approved amateur?

How to become an amateur?

  • Click here
  • Once you have completed the signup, log into your Amateur Account.
  • Scan your IDs. We require ONE ID for each person who will appear in your content (ID Requirements). We need ONE IDs for each model and your face must appear.
  • Take a photo of you (and your partner, if applicable) holding your IDs next to your face.
  • Make sure ALL documents are in the right format (JPG is the safest format) and are under 2 MB each.
  • Upload the documents here

We will review your documents and notify you when we have approved you. When you are approved, you can begin to upload material for sale and open your own webcam rooms.

I’m having problems uploading my IDs

There are a few common mistakes made when uploading the IDS to an Amateur Account. One of the most common mistakes is that people use the wrong link. If you're ALREADY approved and just adding an extra model, use THIS link: click here.

Can I turn a public profile into an amateur account?

Yes. Log in to your public account. Hit “Make Money” tab after logging in. Use your existing password and tick all checkboxes. Make sure you read Terms of Services for Performers. Then hit “Submit Form & Signup” Now each model must submit 1 piece of ID and a photo holding the ID. ID’s that can be submitted: Driver’s license, International Passport, Citizenship Card, State ID, National Passport, and National ID Card.
To submit your documents click here. If you are a couple please submit documents for each performer separately.

I want to add a video/photo with someone I have not submitted IDs for

You may not upload content that features anyone we do not hold ID records for. Uploading content for sale that shows anyone you have not submitted ID for is a violation of the Amateur Contract and of law. You may have your account banned and sales voided if you violate this.There are different links to submit documents. Make sure you use the correct one. For adding an Additional Model click here
We require ONE ID for every person featured.

Payment Information

Payout options

With the check option, the minimum payout is $50. Please check with your bank to determine the fees associated with cashing our checks (some banks will charge an extra fee if you reside outside of Canada)
Bank Wire
We can wire directly into your bank with this option, but the minimum payout must be $500. There is a $35 fee for each transfer (applied by the bank).
When the page reloads, you will be at the top of the page and see a message that you don't have a card, scroll back down and click on the provided link.
Direct Deposit
With Direct Deposit, the minimum payout is $50. Only available for the US.
With the Paxum option, the minimum payout is $50. We only require your Paxum email for this. Please note that Paxum is not available for US residents.

How do payouts work?

We do our payouts by periods. There are two periods in each month: 1st-15th and 16th-End
If you have not met the minimum payout (the lowest you can select is $50), the money will carry over to the next period until you make the minimum. Once you have made the minimum, you will receive payout for that period (and the periods before that didn't make the minimum). Payouts are processed 20 days after the end of a period - So if you made the minimum in the second period of last month, payment will be processed the following month on the 20th (20 days after the end of the period).

Payout Calculation

The Amateur Payment Program explains how we share the revenue generated from movies, pictures, and webcamming. There are different percentages that we use to determine how much revenue any amateur will receive. Here is a rundown of all the percentages that amateur earnings are subject to:

50% of all revenue* generated from the sale, after a 15% credit card processing fee**, of streaming, Flash Video, Photo and other new and emerging technology encoded CONTENT through THE COMPANY's Internet site.

Payment of compensation to THE AMATEUR MODEL by THE COMPANY will be made twenty (20) days post period completion. Each month consists of two (2) pay periods, from the first (1st) to fifteenth (15th) and from the sixteenth (16th) to end (28th/29th/30th or 31st). When a period closes on a weekend or holiday expect delays.

Pay Period One will be mailed on the 20th of the following month, and Pay Period Two will be mailed on the 5th of the following month. Please note: you will only be sent a check if your account has accrued the minimum payout of $50.00. Should this amount not be met it will remain in your account and carried over until the minimum is reached. Checks are processed before online payments (Check, Wire Transfers).

To illustrate what an amateur can earn selling photos, movies, and regularly webcamming XTube, we have provided you with a payment calculator to make your life easier.
If you still have any questions, please refer to the definitions below or e-mail us:

0.00 0.00 0.00
Process fee (15%) Revenue Payout (50%)
  • * Revenue is defined as all the monies earned from a sale. This does not include any taxes, tariffs, or fees. Simply put revenue is money that is in our hands at the end of the day. Revenue does not refer to money we have not earned.
  • ** Credit Card Processing Fee is defined as the money that is automatically deducted from all purchases on XTube. Simply put, it is money that we are charged, in order to sell your product.
  • *** Promotion Fee is defined as the cost of marketing amateurs. This cost is automatically deducted when movies or photos are purchased. It refers to bonus money awarded to users on. The promotion fee is not built in to the cost of marketing and promoting our Webcam models and will be deducted every two weeks. If the amount earned on WEBCAM is greater than $1000.00, this fee is waived.

How do I make more money?

Add a profile picture and banners to your account

When logged in to your amateur account you can add or change your profile picture and banner at any time by expanding your header avatar, then going to "Settings" tab. (click here)

  • Avatar - This field is where you upload your Profile Photo
  • Header image 1 – This field is where you upload the first section of your Banner
  • Header image 2 - This field is where you upload the second section of your Banner
  • Header image 3 - This field is where you upload the third section of your Banner

How do I use the webcam console?

First you must log in to your amateur account. You will need:

  • Latest Flash Player installed - if you don't have it, get it here (Adobe Flash Player)
  • Webcam
  • Microphone, if you don't already have one with your webcam
  • Broadband Connection
  • Latest Browser version

Login using your amateur account: (click here)
Hit “Start My Cam!” tab after logging in. When everything is set up you can select your price per minute. If you wish, you can broadcast for free when Public price is set to $0. When changing the price your chat room immediately changes to private too.

Free chat room for all users when price is set to $0. If you put a price the “private group” is set.
Private & Voyeur
You can set the price for private chat from available price points.

The basics in making more money

The more content you have, the better.
When someone lands on your page and likes what they see, if you only have one video, you only have one sale. If you don't, regularly, upload new content, your fans have no reason to visit your page.
When you upload a new video, the video hits the index page (Latest Videos: Every time you upload a new video, we create a preview that we display in the Latest Videos page. This will create A LOT of traffic. Thousands of people will see the preview and, if they like what they see and want more, some will buy and/or visit your page and see what videos you have to sell.
Uploading new videos is the Most Effective method at gaining traffic to your page.
Commenting on other people's profiles/videos/photos is a great way to get them to click on your photo so they land on your profile page. When you see a video you think is hot, make a comment and let them know! They'll see your comment, other people commenting will see your comment, and people just watching the video/photo/profile will see your comment (and profile pic) as well. These are all potential clicks that will lead to your profile.
It's important to communicate with the community. The more your face/body is seen around the site, the more opportunity there is for clicks that lead to you and your content.
Your name, description, profile photo, and intro video are all points from where you can form and reinforce your brand. A user should be able to get a sense of your image/personality within the first few seconds of landing on your page.
So spend some time creating your character. People decide if you're what they're looking for in seconds! Make them count!

Maximizing video description

A lot of users miss out on the importance of the Video Title. For most people, their first impression will be your Video Thumb and Video Title. Since, for the majority of people, this is the first thing they see, you should spend some time on making sure it meets your objectives. Some users will simply use a number or the date as the title. While this may be useful for them to keep track of what is what, it does nothing for the person who sees the video on the index page, or in the "Related Videos" plane of the video player page. To make your Title more Effective:
  1. Include the niche(s) your video appeals to in the title - this makes the title POP OUT to people who are into the kink and also makes your video more easily searchable for people who are seeking out that media.
  2. Make the title memorable. If someone really liked the video but didn't add it to their favorites yet, you want them to be able to find it again.
  3. Add an adjective to enhance the kink(s) when appropriate. When someone searches for kinks (e.g. Blowjob), they will often add adjectives like "best", "greatest", "amazing", etc., in hopes of finding better, more filtered search results.
The description serves three purposes 1. It lets the viewer know what to expect, 2. It adds searchable terms that can help users find what they're looking for, and 3. It give you a chance to direct the viewer to more of your videos. To make your Description more Effective:
  1. Give a brief outline of what occurs in the video.
  2. Use alternative terms for niches mentioned in the title (here, I have "office" in the title, but have described it as "work" in case it is searched that way instead. Another example of different terms covering the same niche or over-lapping: "internal", "breeding", "creampie", "bareback", etc.)
  3. Add appropriate adjectives where appropriate
  4. Refer the viewer to other videos they can access by visiting your profile. (In my example, I say "We had so much fun that this ended up being the first in a whole series of videos we've done in the office together")
Video Type
Select: "Straight" or "Gay". Make sure you get this right so your video is displayed to the correct group of viewers.
Subject of the video
Make sure you get this right so your video is displayed to the correct group of viewers. The options are:
Single Man, Single Woman, Man and Man, Man and Woman, Woman and Woman, Transsexual
Make sure you cover your niches to help make your video more searchable.
Pick the ones most important. Do you want to use the Amateur Category if you have a more significant Category? The more specific your niche, the more your description should focus in on that niche to make the video easily located by fans of that niche.

Using your public profile to drive traffic to you amateur profile

  • Watermark your videos and photos with your amateur URL.
  • In “General Info” make sure you include, prominently, that you have an Amateur Profile and direct traffic to that profile (provide a link to your Amateur Profile).
  • In your favorites, select videos and photos from your Amateur Profile. This way, there are more things for them to click on that lead to your A.P. (Amateur Profile).
  • Make sure your profile photo is attention-grabbing and sexy, it's the first thing people look at when they land on your profile.
  • Make sure you don't put all your best bits on your public profile, but you need some really good content dedicated to this space
  • The more people "Favorite" your videos/photos, the more you're being promoted. Being added to people's favorites is a great way to drive traffic to your profile.
  • Make sure you include your Amateur Profile url in your descriptions
  • Watermark your videos/photos with your Amateur Profile URL
  • Use blogs to tell people that you’ve released new content on your Amateur Profile.
  • Use blogs to ask for requests of what people would like to see (but always drop in your Amateur Profile. URL)
  • Search for people who want to see your content and friend them.
  • Make comments on their videos, photos, profiles, etc.
  • Build relationships and you will build your fan base.
  • People often send you their email addresses. Save them and create an email list.
  • Send an email blast when you have news you want to put out (such as new videos or special webcam shows).
  • Be sure not to overuse this list. You don’t want to spam.
  • Sending the same message to every single person you encounter is considered spam
  • Trying to add the same person over and over is considered spam
  • Spamming makes you an annoyance, and it will hurt you in the long run, we may also ban you for spamming

Making extra Money while Camming!!!

If you are able to record your cam while you stream to users, you should!
When you are web camming, you're not only making money from the users who take you to Premium, but you're making content.
If you record your performances, you can upload them to your Xtube Amateur profile and re-monetize your time.
You've already spent the time being sexy in front of the cam, so why not get paid for it again? And again!

How to upload videos?

What does URL video uploading mean?

URL video uploading is when a service provides a public link to media that has already been uploaded to their service. We are currently supporting DropBox, This service allows you to put your videos in a public folder that’s located directly on your PC and then syncs with their servers allowing you to easily share you files with others via a single link that allows you to download the file directly.

DropBox Uploader

For Dropbox, you can either install it directly on your computer or use its web based counterpart. You can find either options at

  1. Once your setup is complete, find and select a video you want uploaded to Xtube and place it in the Public Folder of Dropbox.
  2. After the transfer of the file is complete, right click on it and select Copy public link or if you are using the installed version, click on Dropbox and then Copy public link
  3. Now use the link that Dropbox has supplied and place it in the Source URL Field. Once all fields are complete, hit upload

Video Guidelines

Follow the guidelines below in order to upload better quality videos and to avoid your videos being rejected.
Please note you need to be logged in to access the link.

Video Guidelines

Your Sale Statistics

My video has 3,000 views. What does that mean?

Views and Sales are different.
Views is how many people have clicked on your video. This does not mean they have purchased the video after. Each click generates a view, but users have no access to view the video without purchasing it.

Sales is when someone has purchased your video. You can keep track of your sales here: Amateur Stats Detail

I just made a sale but my stats haven’t changed

When you have a very large site and have to stream videos to millions of people all over the world, a very large network is required. We have servers in many countries, creating a large network.
When a sale is made, databases all around the world have to update, so it can take up to 15 minutes.

Terms of Services for Performers

Terms of Services for Performers

Please click the following link to see our Terms of Service for Performers
Terms of Service