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Quality not quantity...

soul2soul69 wrote 4 years ago:

What is with the quality of porn vids here right now?  Why, if most or the creators cannot be bothered to create decent vids, do they bother?  Do they make for themselves or for the viewers?  Do they merely post for the tittlation of being watched by others? Or is it that they hope that their vids will be enjoyed?  Either way...most are failing. Guys most of you are beautiful, you really are, but the sexy vids? just aren't sexy...they're dull and badly shot. Here. I'll tell you why...

1. Wank movies where the subject is clothed in ordinary clothes or where we can't see their faces - Boring, if you don't want to be recogised..don't bother doing it...some might find it horny not seeing a head, but most of us don't, we NEED to see that horny scrunched up cute face while it moans the hell out and cum sprays out and covers that chest. We're attracted to YOU, not your clothes (if you're just to attracted clothes wank off in your closet guys). if we don' see your face, what's the point, it's creepy and we often get the impression you're doing something you shouldn't be due to your job, wife or *****.

2. You shoot movies with your 2 or 3 mates trying to be a different selection of strangers shot se we can't see your faces or heads and use misleading titles for your vids - Boring and exsaperation for similar reasons to number one.  If you're frightened of being recognised, don't frakking do it, trust me it's the most unsexy thing ever...Also we KNOW it's you and your mates from several other vids and silence is creepy...

3. Misleading vids that promise to show hot sex, from the still or tags, but show some dull and slow section of the movie with little or no sex at all - Why?  Why bother pissing your possible customers off for that?  Give them something to tug off to and they might buy the full vid...showing boring sex makes customers think your full vid is boring. If you don't entice with a carrot ain't no one gonna bite...

4. showing sex that cuts off with out a money shot.  Either by mechanically going through the motions of something and then cutting off the camera...or just cutting off before the guy comes - That's just the epitome of asshole and makes you look like a frakkin prick tease and it ***** our mojo.  Goddamit guys we want to cum in the most gaddammed full on satisfying cumplosion we can...ending before the deal is done fucks off your customers.

5. Silence by biting lips to keep quiet or using weak assed "I'm not really in the mood" moaning - Sound is important in sex, your neighbour or ***** down stairs may not want to here you have sex, but hell guys, we, your customers do! We even want to the slap slap slap of butt cheeks against crotch hard and fast witha lot of bouncing up and down that cock.  We need to be STIMULATED...silence doesn't's just nothing...having just the visual is abstract and frankly loses context.

Here's the of the best vids that everyone is commenting on about how porn used to be is a b/w movie that cuts between cameras of a older stocky guy banging the fuck out of a young muscular latino twink that yells the merry house down.  It's hot, it's horny, it's powerful and it's amazing in it's passion. Watch it, study it, understand why it works and use it to your advantage...please!


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4 years ago ggh1988 where are your videos?

soul2soul69 4 years ago

See, I know that one would come up...I'm not in a position to film great porn either, so I don't. Finances, health, lack of available men in my current area (mid neck and straight). Though I do have a degree in media production which I intend to use. Anyway, me filming movies isn't going to stop the amount of bad ones out there unless some says why it's bad. This "you don't like, make your own" argument doesn't help if you want to ***** advice that will help. Also "You don't make vids so you don't get to comment" is also frustrating if you know that you aren't going to be able to make a convincing porn star. Not everyone who watches porn should star in it after all. I'm much better behind the camera, not in front.

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