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Downtown boston, very thin shorts...

davidwellhung wrote 9 years ago:

I got off of work an hour early and walked to my car (about 15 min from where I work in Boston). Once I got in my car I changed into my "flashing" clothes. T-Shirt that comes just 2 inches below my belt, nice leather sandles and my pale yellow cotten shorts that are *not* see-through, but very, very close. They are very soft and yet heavy enough that they hang down with enough pressure so show a decent but not obscene outline of my dick. I wore sunglasses and a hat and carry a over the shoulder satchel. The satchel is for a quick barrier should I feel I need a discreet quick cover up. I walked from my car back into the city, heading for the Washington Street shopping district. As I walk I keep my eyes out for women who are in a position to notice.So I am walking down the street and I see two older (50's) women taking a smoke break on the side of the street outside some back door to a shop of some kind. I cross the street early and start to walk by them. 10 steps before I get to them I say loudly "Good afternoon ladies". It is hard to explain how I say this except thye word "ladies" is a slightly higher pitch, making it almost a question. They both turn to look at me, slightly wary. I smile broadly and nod to them. Thye relax in an instant. I am now almost level with them when one of them glaces down and sees my crotch and I get a very nice reaction. Nothing amazing, but a slight widening of the eyes and she looks again. I stop suddenly and turn to both of them and ask "surely this is the entrance to the beautiful woman's club?" (I ***** you not). They know I am hamming and they know I know they know I am hamming but I tell you women cannot ***** playing that game. "What are you smoking and can I have some" says the black women. I should stop and tell you that these two 50ish women both had a nice set of cans on them and I love those big saggy softies. The black women was probably a little older and her boobs were freaking enourmous. I said "hey, beauty is supposed to be in the eye of the beholder, but looking at the two of you I know now that some beauty is universal". They both laugh and the white gal says "more, more" and the black women says "you are making my day handsome". We laugh and talk a bit and they ask what I am doing and I say I playing hookie from work but that I will probably have to get back in my monkey suit soon to go to the office. The white gal says "well you better not go back to the office in that or people will talk". I laugh and say "and why would that be?" I take hold of my shorts by the hips on either side and pull them out to the sides a bit "You think these are too risque?" For the first time the black women's eyes drops down to my leg, where my cock is now obsecenly outlined "jesus" she says and looks up at me and laughs. The white woman is smiling and taking long looks and then says "well they certainly are flattering!" I let go of my shorts, but subtly thrust out my hips slightly, causing my cock to push against the shorts material. "What are you laughing at, gorgeous?" I direct to the black women. She is looking a tad flushed and her nipples have begun to swell. I know I could not see them when we started, but I can see them slightly now. She laughs again and says "thats some nice equipment for a white *****" then she looks away and take a long drag on her cigarette. I say "well you know I see a lot of ladies displaying their assets for men to admire (and I take a long lingering looks at both their breasts before continuing) and it is only fair I can do the same from time to time." The black women notices me looking at her tits and when I raise my eyes to hers she is smiling. "Anyway", I say, "don't they always say size doesn't matter?" They both start laughing and the black woman says "well it matters to me." and she takes a long drag while she lets her eyes slde back down to my dick again. I am getting pretty excited, so the head swells up noticibly and my cock thickens. Her nipples really harden and wow, they were long and big under that monster bra. The white ***** says "you wife must be happy playing with that" and I reply "well you know how wives are, once they are married they have a long list of stuff they would rather do than fool around". The black women says "well if you were my man we would both be going to bed every night with smiles on our faces." I sighed, "ah what a nice thought". Then I explained I had to run but that my name was David. They gave me their names and quickly let me know the shop they worked at and said I should come by any time. And I will.

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you are bold. that was a hot story.

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