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torturedboy2 wrote 9 years ago:

What would you like to see more videos and pictures of?  I keep getting messages from TOPS and MASTERS stating they would love to do things to me, but will not say what.  So here is your chance to have an in-put to what my Master will do to me.  Do you want to see:  more of me being hoisted up and beated .. More cock and ball ***** .. or just more of the standard BDSM?  For those who "wish" they were masters ... lets see some of your ideas.

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3 years ago Disabled Account

dress as a super hero- zenti costume.  the master is the villain he captures and ***** u.  rips off ur cotume.  humilaites and punishes you.  maybe be ultra man and he bounds you out of the sun. you grow weaker as he taunts and humilates you.

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4 years ago alexberg

i like to see dogs fuck *****

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5 years ago stevelc1

Hi, great to see you hung by the balls, time now for your master to work on your cock ,first with  needles through the glans , then , a ring through the foreskin if you still have one ,if not then the ring should be in the glans so that it can be stretched out as you swing by the balls.finally an electro but plog with the other lead to the ring in your cock. I am subject to this and it is quite a feeling.

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5 years ago MISTRESSH

Having the ability and the mechanics to be hung by your balls makes ***** you an easy thing. 1) String you up by your balls. 2) Sounding rod pushed deep inside your cock with electro leads. 3) Metal Butt plug with electro leads. 4) Electro leads connected to your balls, Then all leads connected to a generator that is capable of delivering up 50,000 non fatal voltage. and a program set for various times, amounts of voltage and durations. A video while this session is going on would be worth many views. While you are hanging your wrists will be cuffed to your ankles.  This session should last for an hour or two.

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5 years ago nakeddreamer2148

I am a lover of being hoisted upside down and my body flogged and made to cumm. I would like to see u in more hoisted by your balls your body horizontal arms tied to something so they are stretched out above you head and your legs tied to something so the are spreadeagle and when you r lifted by your balls your body forms an arch. Your Master can then do anything he want to you or not just leave u like that for hour.

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