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Tell me what U want 2 do 2 me??

hornyboy-6969 wrote 5 years ago:

Guys i want 2 know what U would do with me and i will reply to all

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2 years ago Disabled Account

Would love to suck your cock while your hands investigate my uber smooth body!   Play with my tongue in your foreskin ! Then you shoot your hot load to the back my throat!

hornyboy-6969 2 years ago

Mmmmm your body is sooooooo smooth, I love to lick and suck on your hard nipples ..... Mmmmm I can feel your tongue inside my foreskin and it feels awesome ....... I'm gonna cum ........ I'm gonna cum ...... I'm aghhhhhhh ....... All of it in your moist mouth and you never spilled a drop ........ Now lick my shaft and head clean 😝😜

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3 years ago jockeyboi100

Hey sexy guy. I would like to see you fuck a pair of your sneakers, dump a load in them, and bury your nose in them afterwards????????   Then you can send them to me and I will bury my nose in them. Mmmmmmmmmmm  I'm for REAL BRO. Thanks.   AL

hornyboy-6969 3 years ago

Mmmmmm not tried that yet!! But there is always a first time ....... sneakers out ....... cock out ...... cum in ........ they are gonna smell pretty good ...... cant wait to see you bury your face into my cum filled sweaty sneakers woof woof

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4 years ago shinyman2

You will lie on the bed in your tight white CKs and I will massage you all over. Then I will start caressing your body and kissing your inner thighs and up onto your cock bulge.
Slowly I peel down your CKs and reveal your hard cock and balls. i suck you gently but take your length in my mouth. You begin to take over and tell me to kneel on the bed and you rip my panties off before lubing my pussy and thrusting inside. You shag me long and hard calling me all slutty names before shooting your cum deep inside me. I wish this to happen. Glasgow?

hornyboy-6969 4 years ago

Mmmmmm i watch my cum seeping out of your ass then turn you over to reveal your VERY HARD cock, which glistens at the head with pre cum. I lean over and slowly lick your shaft and suck on those FULL balls, then when my tongue reaches the tip i taste your pre cum mmmmmm this gets me so horny i take your hot hard cock into my moist mouth and slowly suck you untill i feel your body begin to shudder and your moans grow louder, i know that you are almost there ....... WOW!! it seems like a weeks worth of warm creamy man juice filling my mouth, and i am lapping it all up, a couple of drips try and escape by dribbling down your shaft, but they are no match for my fast tongue which licks the shaft and the head untill spotless ..... mmmmm tasty :-p wonder when this will happen???

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4 years ago Tepongocachon

I'm quite sure, i d like to take you cock out from your pants and play for a while to get you horny, perhaps licking your tongue or your nips if you like it. Then when that piece of meat gets hard enough i will see if it can get harder by caressing that head with my drippng tongue. Your pants out and i can carry on licking the shaft and the balls, everything is gonna be too wet, it has to be like that because next is swallow your horny cock until your balls stops my head. Yeah my mouth full of meat, full of your cock, then i play harder, in and out, i like to watch that hard cock dripping precum and watch your face when you look at me eating your dick. I can last as long as you want, i love to suck a nice cock, and at the end i want all the jizz you can shot on my face and mouth, and please, take the remainding cream with your fingers and take to my mouth. And... I am sure that i would get so horny I would be ready to shot my cum. At that time, if you want, you can play with my cock till it explodes as a fountain, and please give my own cum, i love it.

hornyboy-6969 4 years ago

Mmmmmm your lips are so wet and your mouth so warm as you slowly suck on my ever hardening cock..... i can see in your eyes that you are enjoying this as much as i am ..... i start to twitch and you know i am getting near ..... aghhhh i cum so hard and so much more than normal..... you swallow most but some is dripping down your face..... i use my cock to lap it up and feed you and as i look down i see that your cock is so hard and throbbing.... Mmmmm now its my turn to pleasure you x x

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4 years ago Alan1964

i want to suck you off and swollow your sweet cum

hornyboy-6969 4 years ago

Mmmmm Alan ...kneel down in front of me and open wide (just like your pic on your prof page) i will slowly peel down my boxers and out will spring my now very hard cock which is a little wet with some pre cum already ..... i will slide it in and out of your open mouth until i am ready to explode .... you will feel it cumming!! then i will shoot my sweet warm man juice into your mouth and you mustn't spill a drop! ....... then swallow Mmmmm you like that dont you? now lick my shaft and knob end clean and be ready for the next load in 30 mins x x

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