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justin wrote 10 years ago:

|-SERVER ISSUES-|I've been reading the issues below with the site: Videos not loading, Comments not being placed, favorites not saving, Photos not being uploaded, etcSince many of the people here havent read the homepage, I'm going to repeat it here.If you are having any of these problems, it is because of the server move we are currently executing. We decided to move our server location from one country to another. We have 120 servers to move, and this takes time and it put extra strain on the site. Additionally there are less and less servers to support the site.To everyone who is not informed on how difficult this is to do without charging anyone here on XTube, would do well not to be as harsh. We will continue to move the servers for the next two weeks. Then we must install them, stabilize them, and reorganize the content on our site. XTube is not run on magic, after allAll in all, to do who are tired with all the problems that XTube is having, that is how you feel and there isnt much I can do to change this. The servers will be moved, and the service will resume as normal by September 1st.|- UPDATE -|As some of you might know, we have moved our offices. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Support for XTube will be reduced. We are having the phone number to our offices changed, as well as the the support email will not be accessable. Until next Monday, we will not be able to answer if you use phone or Email. Please try this blog, or MSN.Thank you for your patience,-Mighty| - Edit - |Im finding it hard to be able to handle the workload at XTube(we're moving into bigger offices again) and keep up with the blog. So I'll ask that you check back daily for your answers, which will be answered in order. Or if your desparate, you can always try the three other waysREALLY DESPARATE - Call the Office, and ask for Justin, J-Dawg, or Mighty Mighty J-Dawg, and I'll handle it for youKINDA' URGENT - MSN Messenger, I'm usually on from 10-6 everyday, and if im not on a given day, it means I'm busy, so try again tomorrowIT COULD WAIT - Email me, I've been reading complaints about emails not being answered. The reason for this could be that I get around 350-500 emails a day, (which if you do your calculations at 10/hour which is pretty quick answers you get a sum of "I can only do 80 emails a day". Email me if you dont mind waiting for a email to be answered within two weeks) HEY, ITS J-DAWG AGAIN. IF YOUR A  XTUBE USER THAT NEEDS ASSISTANCE. PLEASE TRY TO REACH US ON MSN MESSENGER FIRST (SUPPORT@XTUBE.COM). YOU"LL GET YOUR PROBLEM SOLVED FASTER THROUGH INSTANT MESSENGER THAN YOU WILL WITH TRY TO SEND US AN EMAIL.  I AM USUALLY ON MSN MESSENGER, MONDAY-FRIDAY, 10-6 (EST)

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10 months ago frakkenhorny

Where did the discussion boards go?

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1 year ago iosto2001

Hallo. When I try to see other profile's favorites, the download of the page stops after the first two lines of favorites..... it's not even possible to go to next page

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2 years ago grekogay

uploaded a video and  have no thumbnail options

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3 years ago tokeniv

hey i am have a hard time up load pixs on xtube 

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3 years ago michris

dera team,
it appears Xtube has a new style and nowwedo notseem to beable to access any videos (will not play) not access even our profile page, what is supporting the new design? any piece of software other than the standard IE?

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