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My Goddess Temple

AfroerotiK wrote 4 years ago:

Let us bow our heads and open our minds.  I want nothing more than the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart to work together in perfect harmony to lift the consciousness of all who can hear me.  We are here today to give thanks and praise to the most holiest of places, the divine chalice from which all life flows.  Come unto My Goddess Temple, the shrine of the Black Madonna, and lay your burdens down.  Seek refuge and solace between its hallowed walls.  Purify your heart and your spirit as you prepare to trespass within the consecrated space that makes me wholly and completely a holy woman. 

Worship my pussy.   Exalt its fragrant, sweet, earthy scent.  Spread my lips and gaze upon the sacrament of my love and my lust for you.  This place is not for the unworthy or the mundane.  It is only for those who have humbled themselves and understand that the journey within is consecrated.  Watch my body writhe in pleasure as you anoint my goddess temple with gentle kisses.  Lick it softly.  Taste the serum of pure light and love as I get wetter and more aroused.  I will hold your head between my warm, brown thighs and guide your mouth to the places that cause me to have an out of body experience and achieve transcendence.  I will baptize you with my sacrament and cover your face with the fluid of my spirit.

Pray to my pussy.  Prepare a place for your rod with your fingers.  This rite of passage, this act of devotion is to prepare my chapel for you.  I am ***** Nature.  I AM that I am.  I will not allow false idols to be placed before me.  Touch those spots that make me ***** out into the night, sigh, moan, and mutter in delight.  Lay your hands on me . . . inside me.  Caress my yoni and get it ready the ceremony. 

My pussy is omnipotent.  I have the power to create universes in my womb.  Have you prepared yourself to make a sacrifice at my altar?  I invoke all the ***** of earth, wind, fire, and water to sanctify this union.  Join with me.  Become one with me.  Enter my temple.  Careful, go slow.  That tight, hot, space is very, very slippery when wet.  Listen carefully and you can hear my heartbeat.  Use that as your rhythm to penetrate me as we climb towards divine pleasure.  Fill me, pump me, give me your all.  Thrust deeper and harder. Cuiado mi amor, mas despacio.  Not too fast.  Slowly, gently . . . make me your religion.  Give me your offering.  Cum lover.  Come unto me.  Our orgasm is the gateway to pleasure, it’s the holy instant when we cease being human and we are pure spirit.  My Goddess Temple, my sacred cunt is yours, you, my beloved and reverent parishioner. 

Let the church say, Amen.

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