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More Over sharing, Or Not

staringperson wrote 4 years ago:

I've been avoiding this site. I'll masturbate here and there but not as much as times past. I don't really want to hear about sex much or guys. My orgasms are still screwed up. Not that it's stopped me. I guess there are other things weighing on my mind. I wonder if there's some sort of hotline you can call to talk just to someone. Guys used to be distractions from these thoughts but they always turn into another burden in my head. I guess it's time for the thoughts to take center stage.

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4 years ago diddler_darlington

I don't know if this is what you are getting at, but if I'm not interested in sex but need the physiological release of an orgasm, I'll do what I call a "vulva self-massage."  I don't think of it as masturbation at all.  It's 20-30 minutes of massage all over the entire area instead of my usual masturbation stroke on my "sweet spot" on the right side of my clit.  In fact, I avoid anything that looks like what I do for usual masturbation.  The vulva self-massage will get me wet and erect, and I will have all of the physiological symptoms of arousal even if I don't think of it as sex.  When I want to end the session, I do a hard and fast "finish off" stroke for just a few seconds, and it makes the orgasm happen.  I can relax and ***** afterwards.

You say that you aren't having the physical part of the orgasm, so do you think this has to do with the side effects of any ***** you are taking?

staringperson 4 years ago

What you're describing sounds pretty pleasurable. It sounds like you know quite well what works for your body. I've never approached it as a massage before. Despite avoiding thinking about/ talking about sex (because I was tired of guys) for me, touching my vagina in a pleasurable way is associated with it. I usually have some sex related thought in my head. My orgasms are currently screwed up. I'll have the emotional/ mental part of having the orgasm without the physical. It's so annoying. I used to have strong orgasms that left me shaky and now I'm just left..unresolved. Maybe I masturbated too much in my teens and 20's and wore everything out. I'd drag it out then. Now it's not long at all. I still masturbate because it still feels good, but I miss those 'o's. Diddler, may you enjoy your massages and orgasms for a long long time.

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4 years ago killerants

Maybe what you need is a good solid fucking to clear your mind of the burden of your thoughts, you know, some wild hot reckless abandon.

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4 years ago drinkmeall

you are lovely and only need your innate creative energy to ignite

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4 years ago staringperson

Thank you all for offering to listen.

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4 years ago bxfinest_33

You can always reach out and talk to me, I am nonjudgemental and objective and positive.

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