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Luka Magnotta : My Stepmom

lukamagnottaporn wrote 9 years ago:

My name is Luka Magnotta and this is my nightmare.Well this is a hard story to write for the wounds are still very fresh . Don't think they will ever be healed .. I made a big mistake a few years ago, you see..while my ***** is a very nice person..he also has a horriable dark side. He is an alcohalic and prescription ***** abusier and pill addict.For days he would take overdoses of pills and fall ***** in the bathtub, My stepmother Joanne and I would try and try to help him...but it was no use. He would fall down stairs ***** and would have to be rushed away in ambulances constantly...he even broke his rib, and on one occasion he broke his leg and arm because he was so self medicated he fell into a ditch at 2am and almost frooze to death...luckily a neighbour of his was able to save him.He would ***** 23hours out of the day and ended up gaining an enormous amount of weight. So my stepmother got really tired of being alone. She would always call me for support on the phone and we would talk all night long...she would call me for help and advice when she wouldnt know what to do.So slowly I began comming over to my parants house and spending time with her...while my ***** was still ***** on the sofa.She would offer me ***** and we would sit up all night watching movies like Basic Instinct and Point of No Return.One night she didnt want to watch movies with me..she wanted to take things further...She started to speak about sex and she told me it was very hot in her she took her top off. Then without warning she kissed me. I personally was shocked and didnt know what to expect? All I could think of AND SEE was my ***** ..laying right there next to us ***** out and *****.Joanne still wanted to go further so we took eachothers clothing off and began to kiss and have sex. This kept going on for months. I know what you may be thinking if your reading this..but im NOT sick...sometimes things just happen and you cant control them.Joanne and I would spend our time at the Metro *****..we even had sex next to the wolfs chages. Very erotic. We would have sex at her ***** place while her ***** was at work. Then Joanne said she wanted to leave my ***** and marry me! I was very confused and didnt know what to do. So I tryed to back her off a bit. We continued to have relations at my parants place for a few more weeks and then I told her I found someone else. I still feel very bad, and my ***** doesnt know. Everytime I look at him I feel guilty and dont know what to say.He has gotten help and is not an alcohalic anylonger...thank god and him and Joanne are back with one another.They are happy and we all go on trips to the beach. Joanne still flirts with me and we see each other naked..but other then that...noone knows.Was I wrong to have sex with her? Even though my ***** couldnt fullfil her needs and she was lonely and depressed?I feel like I was helping everyone and doing my ***** a favour.I thinks its best he doesnt know about our affair? Or randevouz as I like to call it.Luka Magnotta

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8 years ago tennisfreeek187

bro well i understand that things happen for a reason but you should have realized that this person you are having a realtionship with is the new love of your *****.  While you may have been the victim of her at the begging you should have backed off before things continued on. 

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