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hornyfox wrote 9 years ago:

You ever have one of those days where everything just hit you all at once. I had one of those today I just feel lonely. I just started a culinary internship at a resort in Oregon so I am 3000 miles away from the ***** and friends. I am still a 21 year old going on 22 year old virgin. I have no prospect of girlfriends. Every ***** I find interesting or sexi or on par with me intellectually always the same answer is ooo dave you are a nice guy but just not what I am looking for. I just want to find a chick that is comfortable with her sexually and able to not feel embrassed to talk about sex. I want someone that is intelligent and actually understand me when I talk about science and theories that fascinate me at the time. I want a nerdy hot chick that plays WoW and understand that sometimes it would be awesome to play D&D with me. I want a ***** that loves to cuddle and just spend a day laying in bed watching movies. I just want to find a ***** that would find it awesome if i cooked for her everynight and was romantic. But also doesnt mind acting like a freak in the bed. Ugh will I ever find her or am I destined to constantly hear ooo dave u are a really good friend. 

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7 years ago fake0ne396

Oh wow, you sound like my ex-boyfriend xD! I never played D&D or WoW, but I am a gaming junky~ As far as the whole science and theories thing...well, I'm REALLY into biology if that counts, and it depends what theories you're talking about.I guess the problem is the whole acting like a freak in bed thing,since I'm a virgin =3 Ohhhh wellz...

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8 years ago lovelyladybaby

Not only that I play D&D and WoW frequently.

You could cook for me too.


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8 years ago lovelyladybaby

God. If only you lived closer. The things I could do to you...

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9 years ago Disabled Account

Hey babe, I understand exactually what you mean.. I get mostly the same thing from my friends... although part of it may be because Im heavier... and part of it is just that im always the friend and they "don't want to ruin that" *rolls eyes* either way it stinks. And while I dont play D&D and have never heard of WoW lol.. dont'es mean I wouldn't be interested in learning bout them lol

  Cuddling is my favorite thing to do..its great...it doesnt always ave to be sex..although sex can be good at times. Anyway, maybe we'll talk more. feel free to private message me.. and If you want, I'm on aim, msn and yahoo if you ever wanna chat on any of those just feel free to ask. Hope you feel better sweetie. *hugs and kisses*

 ~stephanie :)

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9 years ago thegirlfriend

Hang in there Fox, I'm sure the ***** of your dreams is out there. 

Think about it:  The numbers are on your side, with population alone. 

Granted I'm not a math major or anything like that, but with tons of people on earth, one of them is bound to be the ***** for you.  Might even be more than ONE.

If people don't appreciate you for the "niceness" then those aren't the people you want to get involved with.

Without sounding too much like Oprah, think positive, love yourself and others will join suit.

Good luck!


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