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Being A Masacist

lukamagnottaporn wrote 8 years ago:

Anyways, this is for you and you know who you are. I have already told you that im a complete submissive masacist and that I love for your big bad ass to control me.I am totally into being a submissive sub for autharitive figures. I specially LOVE that your in the Military. Your my bad ass military man. I cant wait for you to take my ass with your BIG ***** when you get home. I know you enjoyed all the pics I sent you. Like I told you, I will do WHATEVER you say because your my master and you own my ***** ass. I love the idea you had about ***** me to lick your military boots while all your friends are so strong and muscular and dominate which totally turns me on. I have shaved ALL my body hair off for you because I know thats just how you like me. I cant wait to be handcuffed and ***** by you. You really turn me on when you say you want to use me as your personal punching bag...You can whip my ass into shape for sure. SIR YES SIR. I want you to take my ass hard and fast. Im wearing my tighty whiteys right now and hard thinking of you... I have a throbbing cock everytime I look at your photos. I feel like my life is perfect now since I met you. My dream life has finally come true! your the KING and im your submissive prince who will do WHATEVER you want. I know im not worthy to be suking your BIG cock but I really fantasise about it ALL day long when im sucking other guys secretly thinking of you. Today I fucked a hot cop in his 30's and he threw me around the room and fucked me REAL was so hot.Also I fucked three women this week and their cunts were SO tight. They would NEVER guess that im such a ***** cocksucker and I have such a HOT master.I am your personal cocksucker and ill suck ALL your friends just for proove to you that I can follow ALL your orders.Yes, I know im a whore and that I have fucked over 10,000 people (Men and Women) but I really want to be JUST yours. I cant wait to come to your seclded home in the woods. That way we wont be interupted. I will wear the ***** collar and if im bad you can do that thing to know with the dogs... You wont be disipointed with me because I am totally owned by you now. Everyday I love reading ALL your emails and doing EVERYTHING you say. TTYS Sir.Your bad cocky princeLuka ;)

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4 years ago GhoulGirl8249

that was really hot ;) my cunt is soo tight too tighter then the whores you fucked oh how i wish i was one of them im young still a teen, and Luka ive only had sex twice why dont you come inside me and feel for yourself im quite addictive ill let you do whatever you want i swear you are soo perfect and turn me on all night i want your dick inside me so bad

thecandyspookie 4 years ago

lol > 1 lunatic. 1 ice pick.

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5 years ago azarothzantari

I could do better than he Is I'm sure.

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