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(FANTASY Scenario) School ***** outfit

ChubbyCUBAN wrote 7 years ago:

  We work in the same building and it so happens that your office is right next to mine. You are a cute chubby ***** and I have always admired you. We always meet up in the halls and parking garage and I can tell there is some type of attraction, but I can never put my finger on it. You always flirt with me. We both, sometimes stay late past 5pm and I can always hear you walking around the office while I know that you are all alone in there... One time you stopped by my office in a really provocative dress and just asked me to help you with your computer. That day has made me over think this even more since it was just a disconnected cable... "What does she really want?"   St. Patty's day was closely approaching ;) so one day I decided to ask you to join me at a favorite bar down the street on St. Patty's for some beers, *****, etc... You nervously, but anxiously, accept my offer and we set up for me to pass by your office on that day to get you before we head to the bar.   On the day of, I see you in the hall and you tell me that you have a nice little outfit to wear out that night to the bar and that you are pretty sure I'll like it. "Awesome!" I say as we go our separate ways... 5pm approaches and when I show up to your office, you are wearing a green small “school *****” outfit. The top has your breasts pushed together with your nipples nearly popping through it and I can tell you are not wearing any bra. Your skirt is really, really short as I am shocked that you would go out like that. I am speechless to the point that you notice and ask me what's wrong... "I love it" I reply as you smile and tell me that, "I knew you'd like it..." I ask you if you are ready to leave and you tell me that you still need to do a couple of things in the office, if I could wait a bit longer. I say "sure" and you ask me to go in the conference room to wait. As time passes I can hear you on the phone with a friend telling her that tonight you will be a "bad *****."   We finally leave and as we get to the bar all eyes are on you! Your short skirt and hard nipples attract attention as you and I ***** one after another. With all eyes on us, we start to dance and at one moment you turn to me and ask me if I like the attention you are getting? I reply, "yes, but I think I might like how naughty you are even more!" You smile and wrap your arms around me as your body rubs against mine... My dick is so hard! It's been that way for hours! Our eyes meet and you break a smile as you notice how hard it is... You whisper in my ear, "what's wrong" and I reply, “with what?” as your hand runs down my chest to my cock. You squeeze it and smile and say, “with that!” "You make me that way," I respond as I turn you around and keep dancing with you facing away from me. Now, you can feel how big it is and you grind against it even harder. My hands run down your body as your skin goose bumps... You are a bit *****, horny, your nipples are popping through your shirt and I am pretty sure your pussy is moist. You turn to me, look me in the eyes and whisper to me, "I want you!" I pull you towards me and as you move in front of me, my hand slide down your back to your ass... Oh my god, I think to myself... You are not wearing any panties! You look at me and with a smirk you say, "NOW!" We take a last shot and decide to leave and go back to your office. As we are heading there you smile and tell me that you are horny. As we walk by an alley, I push you towards a wall and passionately begin making out with you! You moan as my hands slide in between your inner thighs... You pussy is so wet that you are dripping... As I make out with you, I rub your clit to your moans... My cock is sooooo hard it is throbbing. You push me away from you and bend down to my crotch area. Your hands unzip my pants and you pull my fat cock out... You look up at me and as you look me in the eyes, you slide it into your wet mouth! I grab your hair and thrust my hips as you suck my hard dick in and out of your soaked lips... I want to fuck you so bad that I pull you up, push your back to a wall, pick your left leg up with my right arm and I start rubbing the head of my cock in between your wet pussy lips with my left hand... Your tits are half way hanging out of your top with the hardest nipples I've ever seen and you are ready for me... I place the head of my cock slightly on the tip of you wet pussy, when I grab your hair, pull it back to make you look at me and I slowly slide my cock inside of you! You hyperventilate as I am spreading your pussy walls far apart! I can feel my cock slide through you and it is so wet and juicy. You are nervous that we are doing this in an alley, but I am pounding your pussy so good that you don't want me to stop! You moan as your eyes roll back into your head with pleasure! My pants are soaked with you juices in the front as they are slightly pulled down... "Oh GOD!" You moan as you tense up and all of a sudden, "You are going to make me cum cum!!!" "OOOHHH!" You scream as my cock continues to rip through you like a drill. My balls are soaked, your inner thighs and legs drip with cum, and you don't want me to stop... We hear people approaching and the fear of being caught makes us stop... I pull my pants up and buckle them up. You fix yourself as much as you could and we walk out of the alley right on time as the people are walking by. They look shocked as we pass them as we look at each other and smile... The office is our next stop and I know you'll take care of me there... ;)

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