XSIGHTS – The world of balloons

The world of balloons

Hello again my sexy Xtube friends!

This is Ray Ray, your tour guide to the crazy world of Xtubes porn.

Time to get started with this week’s XSIGHTS…

It’s no secret that we all love balloons. Some of our earliest memories include balloons. Just try and remember our days as youngsters when we would get a free balloon from restaurants, walking around amusement parks with a shiny red balloon tied around our wrist and even throwing temper tantrums until our parents would buy us those shiny helium balloons that are sold in city centers.

That’s why it is no surprise that our stats reveal Xtube is actually a balloon paradise. Proving that our fellow Xtubers still have that inner child within them. Fortunately for us they also upload their balloon fun giving us plenty of hardcore balloon content. Our Stats show that balloons are in our top 100 searched terms with a whopping 80,000 searches in 2017 alone!

That’s an average of 220 balloon searches per day!

So without further ado I would like to present you with a small list of balloon videos that I dug up from our awesome Xtube archives. Get that box of tissues ready and keep a balloon nearby in case you discover your new favorite fetish.


Free user balloon video by CRAGSTER2016 : Watch video here.

Amateur ballooon video by UNCUTJOCKCUB : Watch video here.


Free user balloon video by  MICRON56 : Watch video here.

Amateur ballooon video by NYLONJUNGE73 : Watch video here.


Free user balloon video by FERNANDO_LOONER : Watch video here.

Amateur ballooon video by LEQ2TO : Watch video here.



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