What entered the sandman?

Enter the sandman

We here at Xtube love it when we discover hidden treasures on youtube.

Imagine our excitement when we discovered a precious gem submitted by Samus Paulicelli on the 16th of January when he decided to upload a video of himself drumming along to Metallica’s Enter the Sandman.

However this isn’t your average drumming session. Samus wanted to keep things interesting and decided to drum through the song but instead of using ordinary drumsticks he wanted to do it with a pair of awesome dildos.

Watch the video here.

He took the time to edit the video together and proved that no idea is too silly to be uploaded to the internet.  In fact we loved this and applaud this brave man for his amazing contribution to society.

I believe this version of the song even gave us some insights as to what “entered the sandman”


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By Ray Ray

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