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Hi Xtube, Ray Ray here. Thirty years ago, Section 28 was introduced into UK law, banning the “promotion of homosexuality” in schools. However on the 22nd of May, Welsh Education Minister Kirsty Williams introduced new legislation making LGBT relationship and sex education compulsory in the Welsh curriculum. This change does more than show we’ve moved on from Section 28, which was officially repealed in 2003. Instead, it actively challenges theread more

Celebrating Pride Month with VIP offers!!

Gay Pride New York

Hello there Xtubers! Don’t miss out our VIP offer for Pride month!   Giving away 1 Month Free VIP package for members who purchase the Credit Package of $49.95 or $99.95.   Offer Valid: June 22th  – July 1st! Eligible users should contact Customer Support – General Support, with their Xtube Usernames and  subject “VIP REDEEM” to receive their free VIP starting July 2nd!   Happy Pride Month!    

Want to march with XTube?!

Gay Pride New York

Join us at the Gay Pride which will take place at New York’s 5th Avenue on June 24th 2018! Don’t miss the chance to shine along as one of the Xtube marchers at the parade!   In order to apply, you will need to fill in the form for your application to be approved!   Please note that only the first 250 applicants will be able to attend with us!    Hope toread more