Solosexual: A Xtube Community Book Review


The Xtube community is filled with all kinds of interesting people that all have day jobs. Some are amateur pornstars, some are high powered lawyers and doctors, others are stay at home moms, customer service representatives and some like myself are writers. I am not certain how many members of our community are published writers, those are stats that we just don’t have access to on the site, but I know that I am not alone in being the only person I know on to be a published writer.

Since launching the blog last fall we have had the opportunity to write on a variety of subjects that affect in one way or the other our community of perverted, kinky and horny like-minded individuals. In 2016 we are celebrating 10 years of being online, we are celebrating this decade online with a few initiatives of which some of you have already been contacted by me in regards to.

Since our community section is currently being built, we will stratify that content later and keep it part of the general blog section until the new initiatives are launched by the developers. What does this mean? It means that we are looking at getting to know some (not all, since there are too man y of you) of you who have been with us for a number of years and contribute to our community. I have already interviewed a few of you so expect to see some great amateur porn-stars interviewed.

Author Jason Armstrong takes readers on a journey of prolonged self-pleasure.  Armstrong leads readers on a journey of self-discovery where masturbating last hours and not minutes, he shows that some men prefer masturbating to “real sex” and for some of these men masturbation is the best sex they have ever had. Armstrong’s memoir of solosexuality is a gripping account of self-love in a world that tends to not make time for the human self. This is a manifesto for masturbation as a primary outlet for sexuality. Readers will enjoy the anecdotes from Armstrong’s trips to the Healthy Friction Weekend and the Bate Brotherhood. Solosexual has no lack of gripping (all puns intended) candid stories and points of view on the hobby that used to make us blind. This book is proof that you can still learn about masturbation and how to pleasure yourself.

Checkout the reviews here on the official book website.

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