Pulse 3 SOLO – How to reinvent an amazing product

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I have it pretty good, I get sent amazing and incredible sex toys to review for my readers and I get paid to do it. I manage to make my friends jealous since they opted for careers in the real world and I opted for creative freedom and healthy work environments in the porn industry, this alone has made for tons of great discoveries and adult fun. Last year I was fortunate enough to review the Pulse 2 SOLO and its counterpart the DUO for couples. Hands down these were incredibly stimulating and enjoyable products, so much so they have found a special place in both my wife’s and my heart. If you read the previous review you will see that there wasn’t much that I had to say in terms of improving an already excellent product, well I stand corrected, you can improve an incredible product.

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When I first got the newest version of the SOLO I got home earlier than usual from work so I knew that I would have a bit of time to unwind from my day and test out this new product without the interruptions associated with parenthood and the end of the work day. Now first off, kudos to the designers for choosing such sleek packaging, seeing as I work in marketing I can always appreciate really well done packaging and Hot Octopuss are kings when it comes to their packaging. Ok so now after gushing about the sexy packaging I have to gush over the orgasm I had using the SOLO, now porn playlist aside they really improved on an already awesome product.

This is a Guybrator that really needs to be in every guys sex drawer, I mean look guys, it’s easy to grow tired of Suzy Palms and her five sisters which is why a product like this is better than a Fleshlite not because it is better per se but because it’s not even comparable to what you’re used to. For those guys who have experimented with their wives/girlfriends/partners vibrators this one is built for us, the disk that fits directly under your head will show you why you need to own this. Men don’t usually have the same budgets for sex toys as women, but fuck it, spend a bit more for a real experience, as my pops used to say you get what you pay for. So the Pulse 3 SOLO is really hard to beat, as soon as I turned it on, I was surprised my reps at Hot Octopuss had mentioned that they improved the vibration settings but its like they started this from the highest setting on the previous model and went up and I can tell you Xtubers that I came hard and quick, and enjoyed it so much that I managed to squeeze another one out before I had to jump into parental mode.

The Pulse 3 SOLO is pretty versatile, I wont tell you how to use yours but it can be used with lube (please water based lube will keep this baby going for a while) or without. Used with lube this is a next gen masturbator that you can’t and shouldn’t live without and without it’s a static stimulator. Using the SOLO is like learning how to jerk your cock off again, and once you do it for the first time you’ll find that you want to do it regularly. So flaccid or erect your cock will love the smooth feeling of pleasuring yourself with this device. Once your frenulum is pressed against the Pulse Plate you will understand why this is such a revolutionary sex toy.

What are the cons of this device? None for the most part, the charge on it is perfect for fucking yourself. Its 100% waterproof rechargeable and the 5 stimulation modes with the adjustable intensities make this well worth the experience. The say on the website that this is unlike anything on the market and hands down that is the best way to describe using the Pulse 3 SOLO. Check out a SFW video here of these amazing products.

solo pulse 3 solo

What I love most about this product is that it was created with science in mind, and by that statement I mean that it was created to aid men with ED (Erectile Dysfunction), the pulse 3 SOLO has “powerful and deep high-amplitude waves direct to the man’s most sensitive area, his frenulum.” I think only if you have felt a vibrator on your frenulum have you felt intense sensations like these. If you haven’t then once you do you will be happy that you spent your hard earned money on this bad boy.

I believe that the company sums itself up best with this statement off of their website “PULSE is the first product from Hot Octopuss, a British founded company changing the way sex toys are perceived. Hot Octopuss sit at the cutting edge of sex toy design, creating next generation toys for men, women and couples, which are designed to fit in with people’s lifestyles, not just their bedrooms.” Hands down this is the toy you need to gift yourself in 2017. I know what I am doing later how about the rest of you guys? I will be reviewing the Pulse 3 DUO in a separate article as it deserves a feature article of its own. Only when a product is this good does it deserve to stand on its own in a separate article.


Here are the stats:

Length 4-6″
Circumference 2-4″
Expertise No
Color Black
Sizes No


Enjoy your fapping!


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