PublicBULGE and his Monster Meat


It’s not every day that our fellow Xtubers are mentioned in the mainstream media. However that may not be the case for one of our favorite amateurs. If you have ever been on Xtube than there is a 100% chance you have come across videos by one of our most popular amateurs, Micha A.K.A publicBULGE.

Micha has been featured by the media giants VICE in late 2015 with a special documentary titled This is what life is like with a gigantic penis: Monster Meat

In Monster Meat, Vice follows Micha, a man who had so much medical grade silicone oil injected into his penis and scrotum that his junk now weighs over half a stone. He takes us to Folsom Street Fair in Berlin, a gay fetish event, where he presents himself to the crowd and finds that he feels both shy and proud of his enlarged appendage.

The film dives deep into the unspoken mass phenomena that is penis enlargement, exposing the sometimes dangerous operations, the aesthetic standards it fosters and the ethics underpinning the whole thing, as well as attempting to tackle the question of why penis enlargement is so much more frowned upon than breast implants.

We want to thank VICE for featuring our special member of the Xtube community. We would also like you all so show your love and check out some of Michas videos showing off his huge BULGE in public.

Check out his profile here.


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By Ray Ray


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