Pornstars That Left Us In 2015

Candida Royalle Portrait - circa 1979

Seeing as the year is slowly coming to an end and I didn’t get a chance to write this piece in time for All Saints day I figured one post in December was more than justified. We work in an industry like any other that has its pros and cons and its ups and its downs, you can take that any which way you want to but for the most part we are all people. Yes in porn we are people that fuck for a living if you want to break it down like that, but we are also people that write about sex for a living since a large part of what we do are things you don’t see or notice, well that is unless you’re a webmaster and understand the internet in a certain way.

My day to day activities allow me to research articles and find out all the crazy shit people do in this industry and outside of it. What I also get to see is how many people in our industry have passed on to the great porn set in the sky.

I am always respectful of the dead and those that have passed on, especially in our industry since without these people we wouldn’t have so much porn to masturbate to and enjoy.

  • Stacy Cash – Ebony pornstar Stacy Cash passed away in her sleep the night of November 27th, pending an autopsy the cause of death is still not known. Albeit retired Cash had filmed 168 titles in her 12 years of active filming by the time she retired in 2013. She was 35.
  • Wes Craven – Mainstream director Wes Craven was better known for his Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises than porn but a little known fact is that he helped build the 70s Golden Age of porn with two landmark movies, Together and It Happened in Hollywood, as well as several that he directed, including Angela The Fireworks Woman. Craven had transitioned out of porn by 1977 and went on to producing and directing the movies that haunted our nightmares and not the ones that gave us wet dreams. Craven passed away from brain cancer on September 3rd, he was 76.
  • Candida Royale – Candida Royale (real name Candice Marion Vadala) the award-winning director, porn actress and noted feminist passed away September 7th after battling an illness, most recently a fight with ovarian cancer. She has an astounding body of work which most sites will acquaint you with quite easily. She had stared in over 70 films as a performer and directed 19. She was 64.
  • King B – Gay Ebony performer King B (real name Mehran Chestnut) passed away at the age of 25 on September 4th. He was actively shooting scenes between 2012 and 2015 and died suddenly.
  • Cleopatra of the Nile – The adult model known as Cleopatra of the Nile. Died of heart failure while under care at UC Keck Medical Center. She was 43.
  • Deshaun Hayes – Passed away from complications of liver disease 03/07/15
  • Cole Tucker – Retired gay adult performer Cole Tucker passed away at age 61 on Sunday, June 7 in Palm Springs. A prominent star who was active from 1997 to 2006, Tucker revealed in 1999 that he was HIV-positive. His obituary, published by the Boston Globe under his given name, Richard Allen Karp, indicates that he passed from an AIDS-related illness.
  • Lasse Braun Lasse – Braun died in his home city of Rome, Italy, of complications from diabetes. He was 78.
  • Lauren Brice – Passed away from liver failure 07/03/15. She was 53.
  • Yasmin Viana Heart Failure 08/11/15
  • Murrill Maglio Murrill W. Maglio, 63, of Palm City, Florida, passed away suddenly, Thursday, June 4, 2015 at his home.
  • Anne Perry-Rhine 09/11/15 cause unknown.

Now not all of these stars had lots of biographical information to go on that was easy to find. However, I feel that in our industry we need to respect those that have come before us and put down the foundations of our industry. You may not have ever heard of these people, you may have never seen or masturbated to any of their videos and scenes but they are part of our industry and their passing must be acknowledged even on a new blog like ours. As this year slowly comes to an end think about the ones that have made a difference in your lives, the porn that they have helped bring you and the orgasms they have contributed to. Rest in peace fellow pornographers.

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  • Andre King

    I knew Cleopatra personally and she was a wonderful, sweet and warm person. I met her after she shot a Carnival video shot in New Orleans in 2001. She was sort of a celebrity appearance with several other porn stars of the time. We were talking about her being in a mainstream feature but it never happened but we became friends in the process. Like many friends we drifted apart after about 7 years or so and we only spoke by phone after that.

    The last time we spoke was probably in about 2010 and she did tell me she was no longer working because she was ill. She didn’t tell me what she had but only that she wanted to move back home to Australia. I asked her to please keep in touch with me when she steeled there. I never heard from her again. Her death is just heartbreaking, even more so because I just found out now, in 2018.

    Rest in peace my wonderful little friend.

  • Sam Stewart

    what is known about trans porn star Mariana Cordoba? Has she died? if so when? where? how?