Paid Submission And Pinned for Pleasure: A look inside the UK’s wrestling fetish gym

The Submission Room

In an ever more interconnected world it seems that the kinkiest and most random fetishes are now being normalized. Those with a penchant for submission and BDSM will love seeing the results of these professional female fighters kicking some serious ass. Opened in London’s Seven Sister’s in 2011 Pippa the Ripper offers her discerning clients BDSM styled wrestling and business is booming.

The Submission Room is hidden behind hundreds of unassuming terraced houses in the north of London. Within the confines of the padded vivid-red mat room men pay to be grappled to the ground, sat on, twisted, bruised and even knocked unconscious. They charge £150 a session and Pippa sees anywhere from 15 to 20 men come in weekly to have their fetishes satisfied. Pippa in the Daily Mail said that ‘The majority of our sessions are semi-competitive but you do get some who want a fantasy session.

The Submission Room

‘There are some men who call with unusual requests but it’s mainly just to do with outfits. Some guys specify that they want us wearing tights. Sometimes a skirt. Nothing too crazy and as long as the girls are comfortable, we accommodate them.’ Pippa’s clients range in age from 19-70 and love a variety of moves and kinks to be performed on them. Pippa has 23 professional female fighters and one, Pussy Willow a former Dom said this: ‘Men that come here don’t expect sex, they come here to wrestle. If they wanted sex, they’d go and see a prostitute.

‘I actually think what we do is one of the nicest things that you can do for someone because we are letting people come into our world and accepting them for who they are with no judgment on the basis of their sexuality. And making them happy.’

Those in the UK and want to try something new should book a ticket to London or take a tube trip and see what these paid submissions really look like. Find out more from Pippa herself here.

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  • XtubeBLogger

    Awesome Stuff!!! 😀

  • Oz

    I get requests for fetish wrestling sessiosn regularly. Always good fun! Here’s a blog post on my website about a recent Fetish Wrestling, Forced Bi/ Cuckolding Duo session