Crazy Kaleidoscopic Porn EDM


Sometimes I come across interesting things that involve porn but aren’t necessarily porn. I think that its best to show that as mainstream as porn is becoming it’s still slightly underground. I like to find the art in porn and the different ways that people are able to slip in the images, sounds and scenes that are featured of your favorite porn videos in your favorite songs. I will alwaysread more

Iconic Playboy Mansion Now For Sale


There have been tons of changes at Playboy over the last few years, the biggest ones are the last two, no more nude models gracing the pages of it and Hef, well more so Playboy has decided to sell the mansion. Eager investors don’t get too excited just yet…it’s only a cool 200$ million and comes with a hitch or addendum if you may, you have to take Hef inread more

Lesbians touch a penis for the first time


2015 seems to have been a year of social media social experiments, some were good and some were pretty crappy and others were plain stupid. Here is one recent social experiment which is interesting to see, the title of the video pretty much speaks for itself. What is interesting in this instance is that these are real life lesbians, not paid actors (although you can never be too certain) theseread more