Lesbians touch a penis for the first time


2015 seems to have been a year of social media social experiments, some were good and some were pretty crappy and others were plain stupid. Here is one recent social experiment which is interesting to see, the title of the video pretty much speaks for itself. What is interesting in this instance is that these are real life lesbians, not paid actors (although you can never be too certain) theseread more

Maiden Voyage – Jasmine Summers’ First Porn Star Interview

Jasmine Summers’ First Porn Star Interview

Starting off in the porn industry is always an interesting thing to find out. Not everyone gets into porn because they have no options in life and aren’t able to hold down a job. Some just love sex to the point where they are willing to have it and perform in front of an audience. There isn’t a straight line into porn per se, it’s more an amalgamation of reasons,read more