Interview with Xtube Amateur Pornstar Carol Cox


Amateur porn is a niche that doesn’t get enough credit. You have amateur pornographers that are professional and then you have the homemade crowd which post their videos online for the thrill of other people getting off to their sex lives. Now we won’t debate what makes for good amateur porn, porn like art is subjective to personal taste, and in the case of amateur porn all proclivities set aside when you are horny you will watch anything. Since becoming the Xtube Blog editor I have had the chance to meet many people in our community. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about anyone I have chatted with over the past few months. We are all adults who have a penchant for porn here and I thought that the best way to start getting to know the community we are a part of is to start with my favorite amateur pornstar on the site. Carol Cox was probably one of the first people to accept my friend request on the site and being a fellow Canadian we had a bit to talk about.

I think that you will find it hard to find another pornstar on this site that is as prolific as Carol is. Her videos can all be seen on Xtube as well as the other tube sites part of the Network. Her porn features just about every fetish you can think of, Carol is not vanilla, and I mean she isn’t vanilla in the least bit. I have had the opportunity to chat with her on numerous occasions and she is a laid back MILF that has been in the industry since 1994, way before the internet in porn’s Golden Age. Take a look at her profile page and you will see everything from anal creampies, to her pee fetish, to lesbian trysts and a gangbang with some shemales. She is one cool and smart lady that I think the rest of the community deserves to get to know. I hope you all enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.


  1. You’ve been filming amateur porn since 1994, what made you want to start?


I actually started shooting Porn before 1994 and the Web. My first images that I shot to share were pictures in a GIF format for a BBS we ran, and for various Usenet newsgroups. That started in 1988. In 1994, a new thing started called the World Wide Web, and since we did have a server for the BBS, it was easy to set up a webpage for the Internet. We started my first website “Wild Rose’s Fireside Chat” in April of 1994 which featured 6 new pictures of me a week, an early Blog (before there ever was things like Blogs), and access through Telnet to the BBS where you could chat with me and see even more pictures. As my website got busier and busier, the bandwidth costs got higher and higher! To cover those costs, I shot my first full Amateur Porn video in 1995, and sold it through my website. I expected to sell a few hundred in total, but I was quickly selling about 600 a week! We had to get them professionally duplicated as it was just too much for us to do, and I spent my day’s hand writing the labels and packaging the tapes into padded envelopes. That was a crazy time with thousands of dollars of cash coming in every week. That money from the sales of tapes helped me build what I do now. I did all this because I truly got off on doing it, the money that came later was never planned for. I am and was a Swinger and a real exhibitionist, and the thought of strangers seeing me naked and enjoying sex got me so wet. It was my personal masturbation material. I also used the various places to meet new people for sexual encounters, and that really worked. It may sound funny now, but back then it was quite difficult to find single men or women just for sex! The Internet really helped with that.


2.  Have you been approached by any majors? If so what made you decide to remain independent?


I was approached by everyone, Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Vivid, Wicked, and more. In 1996 when Playboy did their “Girls of the Internet” issue, they kept calling and asking me to be in it, but it just wasn’t something I was comfortable with. While it would have tripled my exposure at the time, I really need to maintain control of me. I had offers from everyone, but I just wanted to do what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it, and when I wanted to do it. It felt like I would be stepping over some sort of line if I started doing professional Porn.


3.  What were the most significant changes you have seen in the industry since you started?


Just the amount of people who have jumped into this. When I started, I was a real aberration as no one could believe a middle class housewife and mother could do anything like this. For years, there were only a few women in the entire world that did home-made amateur Porn. Then when the money started, everyone crawled out of the woodwork and joined in. In 1996, there were maybe 20 websites featuring women doing Amateur Porn, then by 2000, there were thousands of them! As bandwidth and equipment costs came down, it made it easier for people to get involved, and the market quickly became saturated. I was also surprised by how quickly the technologies changed in the early years. We went from websites with pictures only, to featuring small, low bandwidth videos, to high quality streaming video, to High Definition video in just a few years. It was hard to keep up with all the constant changes.


4. Have most of your experiences in porn been positive ones? How about any negative ones?


Most of what I have been involved with has been positive. But I have also stayed away from the heavy drinking and drug use that is unfortunately predominant in the Adult Entertainment Industry. I have separated myself from the “Porn Mainstream” and retained my “Amateur” style of Porn by always and only shooting videos with fans that were outside of the Industry. That has kept things very grounded for me, and has mostly been positive, and fun. Of course there are always negatives. Most of those have to do with how some people will treat me based on what they think a “Web Girl” or “Porn Star” is. Online, I have been called a whore many times, to which I answer, “I am not a whore, I don’t charge money for sex, so I am a slut.” 😉


5. You are certainly a MILF, has being married and being a pornstar been challenging?


Not really other than what my children had to go through early on in my career. I had 2 children in high school, and while my older daughter was almost praised for who her mother was, my younger son was teased and treated badly at time. Luckily as he got older, that did change, as his peers also got older and much more understanding. I also have an even younger child, and while he was in elementary school, I did have some of the other Mothers shun me, which actually did not bother me in the least. You quickly learn who your true friends are. As for being married and having sex with many hundreds of other men…well, my husband loved it! It has always helped our own personal sex life which after 34 years together, is still strong.


6. What are your biggest challenges as an amateur pornographer now?


The biggest challenge is trying to make a living! With all the free websites out there, and the ridiculous amount of free content available, you just cannot successfully promote an Amateur website any more. People just don’t realize that it does take time and money to do what we do, and think it should all be handed to them for free. So the challenge now is working on methods to increase income to at least make a living supplying what the people keep asking for.


7. Are there any male or female pornstars that you would love to shoot with?


I have two, and really only two, on my wish list. One is a Porn Star from the 80’s named Fallon. She was “The Rainwoman” and the first Squirter I ever saw in Porn. I was infatuated with her then, and I still am today. The other is quite obvious, and that is Nina Hartley. I started doing what I am doing in part because of her. In her, I saw a real woman, another Swinger like me, get into the Industry for the love of sex. She always looks like she is having fun, and I have always loved that


8. What has been the most standout moment in shooting so far? What I mean is a sex scene you shot that still gets you hot.


I once did a 57 man Gang-Bang (with 11 women helping me as Fluffers). In 4 hours I sucked and fucked every man there, and the entire thing remains a blur. I was in a constant orgasm mode, and I lost count of my orgasms 30 minutes into the fun. It was just a huge mishmash of extreme pleasure for me, and I completely forgot about all the cameras or the many people watching it live online. The other moments for me were involved with the pleasure I had helping out young virgin men lose their virginity. Since I started my website, I have had both the honor and the pleasure to have “taken” the virginity of 40 young guys. It’s an amazing feeling being the first, and I got off on teaching them things and just being the first for many sexual acts.


9. What turns you on the most about porn?


What turns me on the most is making it! I love shooting Porn, and it is an amazing turn on having someone come to my door, whom I have never met in person, and know that in about 5 minutes, I’ll have his cock in my mouth!


10. What porn do you like to get off to?


I am very into Squirting and Pissing Porn. I think anything that has to do with bodily fluids turns me on. I am quite involved in all aspects of Watersports, love to both give and receive, and it’s something I love watching others do. My husband has caught me many times masturbating to a video of people pissing on each other!


11. How long have you been an active Xtube Member? 


I have been on XTube for the past 2 years.


12. What can we expect from Carol Cox in 2016?


You can expect a lot more videos of me, hopefully featuring many other XTube members who would enjoy taking part and having free fun sex with me. I would love to get as many XTube Members as I can helping me out. So if you are reading this, and want to take part in a video where you can do anything you like with me, just let me know.


13. What would you most want our community to know about you?


I am a very friendly, open person. I am honest with everyone, and never lead people on. Most people have a preconceived notion of “people like me”, well I can tell you, I do not fit any mold you can think of. I’m just a boring homebody who has sex as her hobby. I’ve been a Nymphomaniac since I first had sex on my 18th birthday, and I remain the same to this day. But that doesn’t mean that if you show up I will fuck you! We need to meet and see how we hit it off. If I like you, I will fuck you.


14. Lastly, when you shoot with fans what is the best part of it?


Just being with real people who are experimenting with new things and enjoying it all as much as I am. When I shoot with fans, I experience things through them, which keeps everything so fun and fresh for me. I love helping my fans make their fantasies become reality.

Please go and check out all of Carol’s video’s on Xtube (NSFW link). You won’t be disappointed in what you see and end up masturbating to. I know I have never been. You just may be the nest star in her porn videos.

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