Fall Cummings Competition!!!


Hey Everyone! It’s time to welcome fall the right way with XTube!


Don’t miss out on our new video competition – Fall Cummings!!


September 21st – October 21st 2017. 


How to enter:

  • Create a video of your choice that is compliant with our Terms & Services
  • Upload your video onto your Xtube account and choose the category homemade and use the tag myfallcumvid
  • Once video is approved/online, go to Twitter, follow @XTube, re-tweet the pinned post and comment under with the hashtag #myfallcumvid and the link to your xtube video in order to be eligible


No Twitter account? No problem, simply sign up here.


Terms and Conditions:

Open to all Verified Models. Not a verified amateur yet? Join our Amateur Program and make money.


Video must be premium.


3 winners will be announced on October 23rd.

1st prize – $600 + XTube hat 

2nd prize – $250 + XTube hat 

3rd prize – $150 + XTube hat


Prizes will be determined by random draw.
Random draw will be conducted via http://competitionagency.com/tweetdraw/



Good Luck!

The XTube Team


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  • Dallas

    Hopefully I win this time :) Already uploaded.

  • potter011

    :) I love xtube

  • forbsin

    srry dallas its my turn… i might be able to split the prize money with you, i really just want that hat…

    • Dallas

      More people that didn’t deserve to win, won. This random generated bullshit for winners isn’t fair. It should be whoever had the most views on there vid or sales. That’s a competition. Do the Olympics put peoples name in a cup and draw and say heres your gold medal? No they don’t.

      • forbsin

        the problem with that is the big fish have advertising power and us little guys would be buried by bots . id love to see a fair accountable scoring method but its the internet.

        • Molly Space

          Yes u right. Accounting can be score with bot or like this.

      • Molly Space

        Dont be mad.A lot of contests its a bullshit and fakes winners. It realy hard to win .