Exclusive Interview with Jess Royan

Jess Royan

Xtube possibly the best community in the world. A very interesting community built up of lots of horny and sexually curious individuals. So what better way to guide your curiosity than to read this week’s exclusive Xtube amateur interview on our blog.

This week’s account is relatively new on Xtube having signed up only 3 years ago. Don’t let that fool you though. Even though he’s only been on for such a short period he has uploaded a whopping 1389 videos and has managed to collect an astonishing 3.2 million profile views and almost 3.5 million video views!

Jess is an awesome amateur porn actor that loves shooting his own private sex tapes with friends.

His content locations varies greatly in each video ranging from public places, outdoors, to dungeons, apartments, clubs, staircases and anywhere else your dirty minds can imagine. There is literally so much porn that targets almost all of our fetishes.

He is one of Xtubes most popular gay amateurs that our members love to cum to.  I have to admit the answers of this interview are pretty kinky and will have you checking out his profile before you even manage to finish reading the blog.

I hope this interview incites you to check out more of his content as well as following him on his social media that is listed at the bottom of the interview.





  1. When did you start filming amateur porn and what made you want to start?


Hello RayRay, I started filming amateur porn since I was 9 years old. At first it was only for myself to enjoy, and to realize what my inner fantasies are and to see what I like.


  1. How long have you been a member of Xtube?


I have been a member of Xtubes for about 3 years


  1. What were your best experiences on Xtube up here? And the worst?


It’s a pleasure to receive a lot of messages from all of my fans. There are none J


  1. What excites you?


I really like when I fuck outside. I love going outdoors and making exhibitionist sex tapes


  1. At what frequency do you masturbate?


Every day!


  1. How can we improve your experience on Xtube?


All is ok, I have no complaints.


  1. Do you have a lot of meetings with your fans?


I current have lots of projects and I need to free up some time to do it.


  1. Have you ever considered to make professional porn?


Yes and I am producer porn since 9 years with a professional website of my own.


  1. Are you the only person who films when you are in action?


No I shoot friends who also are porn actors.


  1. What can we expect from you in 2018?


A lot more sextapes, more fun, more exhibitionism.


  1. What would you most want our community to know about you?


I am a very fun guy, I am 42 years old and I still love shooting porn.


  1. What are your biggest challenges as an amateur pornographer now?


I would like to receive more exposure in this constantly growing amateur industry.


  1. What were the most significant changes you have seen in the industry since you started?


Less and less people buy porn :(


  1. Have you been approached by any majors? If so what made you decide to remain independent?


Yes a lot, However I want to keep the porn movie history and fantasies on an independent level and to control my own content rather than having scripted videos.


  1. Out of all your videos on Xtube which is your favorite?


I can’t answer you each video is a part of my life.


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By Ray Ray

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  • Ryan Thomas

    Lol no offense but those answers were basic as fuck and boring lol. Waste of an interview.