Amateur Upload Guide

Xtube amateur tutorial video upload guide

Hey guys, Ray Ray here. Your favorite leading adult entertainment site Xtube is upgrading its platform by introducing a new quality control for its amateur community. Please make sure to follow this new rule set when uploading videos. The rules have been set to keep the quality of Amateur videos up to a standard and to help you be more successful in monetizing the content you create. A user who buys aread more

Ask Me Anything

Xtube Ask me anything

Hi guys RayRay here!   I’m doing an AMA on reddit at 5pm ET on the 13th of July! Come hang out with me and the Xtube team and ask us anything you want to know!   Chat with: RayRay- Community Coordinator Paris- Product manager Andreas- Sr. Content formatter Paul- Content Partnership Coordinator   This is the chance for all you Xtubers to communicate with us and ask anything regardingread more