Billy Eichner Hijacks a Stranger’s Tinder

Billy Eichner

So I was casually surfing through YouTube at work (because watching porn all day can sometimes require a break) when I came across a hilarious video that I felt needed to be shared with my readers.

I’m sure you all remember that time when Billy Eichner promised the world that he would make an Xtube video during the presidential inauguration on the late show with Stephen Colbert last January 18th of 2017.

Even though we are still waiting for that specific video to be uploaded to Xtube he did create a nice video on YouTube alongside Vanity Fair where he hijacked a strangers Tinder. Check out the video here.

Do you think Billy should make a segment like this on his show? Which celebrity would you like to hijack your tinder account? Let us know in the comments below.



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By Ray Ray


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