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4 years ago Tahhh

As I was watching him take longer than usual to disrobe for his treatment, I couldn't help wondering if, perhaps, there's a special element of "turn-on" for HIM, too, showing up in more formal wear--lately, he's been coming dressed rather casually.  I know it's exciting for a lot of us who admire males--but perhaps the notion of suddenly removing all that very stiff and prim attire to stand naked and abandon himself to pleasure gives HIM an extra charge, too?

I can't quite tell, because it's a bit too shadowy, but it looked as if he did not arrive with an erection, but that his penis erected while he was disrobing--I can hear that the film he enjoys was already playing, and the performing woman in it was already moaning (how fake it sounds, compared with the real vocalizations of your visitors!!)--his penis always seems to spring to attention way before he first inserts it into your gloryhole, like the salivation of Pavlov's dogs at the sound of the bell!

I hope you have some hangers and a hook in the "bridge" for your visitors, when they show up all dressed up like this!

I really don't think we can call Josh "shy" anymore.  He sounds very much at ease to me, now.  What's wonderful is that he's getting better and better at the game of trying to retain his semen as long as he can, and maybe even enjoying the challenge of it a bit.

Isn't this one of his LONGEST visits so far?  I know there's a bit of extra time devoted to getting him in and out of his suit--which does take longer than getting in and out of a shirt and jeans--but you also obviously edited out a bit of time, and by this time, I can sort of sense his rigidity and level of excitement just by the appearance of his penis, and I'm almost certain I see him riding that edge quite a bit longer, now.

It's really lovely to see how much he enjoys the rectal stimulation--I am always trying to imagine, from the sound of his vocalizations, how deeply you've managed to penetrate and how he's responding.  One thing I saw in your capture of the "bridge" view as he neared ejaculation is that he is moved to spread his thighs, distinctly, almost as if he was wishing to "open up" to the intrusion somewhat, or settle himself more deeply onto your finger.

It's been my experience that many "straight" men, when they allow themselves to try sexual activities with other males, seem to really WANT some sort of anal penetration.  I was quite surprised by this, when I first managed to get into a situation with a "straight" fellow I lusted after--to discover that of all things, that is what he had considered and fantasized about, in particular, and found somewhat more arousing.  My guess would have been that he'd prefer more active, penetrating activities, rather than taking a more passive role and getting penetrated, anally.

But since that first time, I've heard this from quite a few men who prefer females, in general.

Anyway, it's charming that he responds to this so passionately.

I didn't quite catch the conversation at the end, but it sounded as if he was always going to have to dress in a suit from work, but was also in a position to come a bit earlier than he has been, and so set up his visits more conveniently, so I hope you'll make sure the "bridge" area is set up well for him to stow his clothing neatly--maybe you can use those 3M "Command" hooks and make sure he has a hanger for both his jacket and shirt, and maybe a "trousers hanger"--you know, with the clips--so he can hang up his pants and not get them all soiled.

One thing I wanted to ask, since he showed up so formally attired, is whether he was also wearing scent.  I generally prefer NOT to have perfumes, as most of them are pretty awful, but here and there there are some which are pleasant.

I also wanted to know whether you lubricate your finger with anything when you probe his anus.  I haven't really noticed you using "poppers" before, and was a bit surprised:  I've always thought you generally do NOT have an erection yourself while you're working on your visitors, but maybe I'm wrong about this.

Pvtglryholenyc 4 years ago

you're right about the hangers. He'll be showing up in a suit from now on.
As for lube. I use KY liquid.
As for me being boned.... Not usually... I'll have a chubby, but rarely a full bone. I focus completely on the dick in front of me. This isn't about me at all...

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4 years ago Disabled Account

wont you treat us allone day and let him or the army guy turn around and get their ass licked?  we are all ***** to see it!

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4 years ago swimbikefun

With out question this guy got one hot cock.  I think what really stands out is his head.  He got a nice BIG head with a nice wide flang which I'm sure is what make this cock so nice to suck.  Not to mention it's a nice size.   To go along with his great cock he got a hot bubble butt!  Just look at those butt muscles ..the engine that drives the piston!

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4 years ago deemanx

That's definitely one of ur best man sucking off ur shy guy.  I'm glad u get to explore his hole ... Id be all over that wonderful big butt man damn!

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4 years ago bigkat

The moaning is hot. He seems hot but a bit older. 

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4 years ago machostud4u

Watching him undress was HOT!!  I am in suits on business trips too and this is hot!  and that COCK!!  WOW

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4 years ago greenkai3000

Ever thought about putting a cam directly above them?   It may not catch their face at all, so their pvcy is still respected.

(1 votes) 100%