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1 year ago SmithJim99

I swear to fucking god that I need to give shooting lessons to people who make videos!! O.K. Here's one.

Since I can't find a way of messaging avisponverde, I'll leave some hints here and hope he reads them. Maybe anybody else who uses a camera can learn a little. (I'm a retired videographer.)

A long time ago I made  video with my wife and I learned a couple of things about home made porn.

Which ever hand you are holding the camera, brace that arm some way. Either put your elbow on top of a shelf of a bookcase or something that will be the right height. Use books and/or magazines to get it just right. Check this out and you'll see immediately that it's a hundred times more steady. It will be much better, not great, but better.

For the best shots, use a tripod. This shaky ***** has got to stop! Any angle you can get with your hands, you can get with a tripod. And with a tripod, you can get some angles that you can't get with your hands. You just have to think about how to do it. Try to hook up your camera to a TV or computer monitor so you can see what is being recorded. Turn the sound down on the TV. Have the house completely quiet, nothing fucks up a video as fast as background noise of Dr. Phil on the TV. Without background noise, you can always edit in music (not too loud please) but so you can still hear the slurping and gagging and the moans and groans of the sucker and the suckee. Nothing sounds better to me than the smacking of her lips while she enjoys the taste of my load of cum.

If you are standing up, lean against something with your back. A wall, a bookcase, even the back of a large chair or sofa. Put a pillow behind you for comfort. If you have a pot belly, holding the camera in your hand up to your eye, we'll see that fat gut. Even if we have one, we don't really want to see yours. Using a ladder to get the camera a few inches out in front of you, should hide it. If you need more, put a couple of belts on the lower part of your stomach tight enough to hold it in. Do a little "manscaping" on your pubes. You don't have to shave it all off, but trim the straggles.

You want the POV angle without ANY shake? No problem. Put up a step ladder next to the action (out of the frame). Duct tape a 3 - 4 foot by 2 inches x 1/2 inch piece of wood flat on a step of the step ladder. Use bungee cords to point the camera down as if your were holding it. It'll be steady as a rock. Use another stick down low so you can point it up to get that angle. Another one to the side even with your cock for a side view. Change focal lengths of the lens with all the different angles. Not too close up. If you can only see the mouth and a couple inches of dick, that's too close. In a video like this which is all about the blow job, no need to get a wide shot of the entire room.   :)

For the cumshot, use the POV angle and show the top of her head to the base of your dick. If you have another camera, (a phone cam), use the angle at dick level, zoomed in to show her face (not the back of her head) and 3 or 4 inches of your dick. (Use this as a replay) Make sure she stays in the view of the camera. No use for that angle if she's licking up the cum and she's not in the picture.

DO NOT shoot with a bright light or worse, a glass door or window in the background. Leave the back lighting to the experts. Make sure you use 2 light sources, one next to your right hip or farther away from her face and one next to your left hip, also farther back if needed. Too close and it puts a lot of glare on the subject. Watch out for shadows, they are not your friend.

Don't worry about "If I keep interrupting the blow job, it'll ruin it for me." Bullshit! It just drags it out longer. And, as an added benefit, all the changing of the camera angles will make you cum at least 50% more than normal. Guaranteed to make for an AWESOME cum shot and it gives her more jizz to lick up and swallow.


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2 years ago calin80

good swallow

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2 years ago STEVIE57

Fuckin' BS;  All hands!  ***** don't know how to suck dick!  I never use my hands and guys NEVER have to jack to get off.  My mouth does all the work.  This is BS  No stars!!

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2 years ago bush_leager

love this!

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2 years ago yelnats43

you suck cock beautifully, I just wish he would let you finish the job

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