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4 years ago jose1ram

I love this vid and thought you might enjoy hearing about the pleasure it brought me. After all, you could've, as many others have done, made your vids private and available only to a chosen few friends. Instead, you made your vids public so any of the the eight million or so XT folks could view and enjoy them. So here is my note of appreciation.

I came across you when searching for the best XT pee vids, and the first thing that caught my attention was your XT name. I grew up in a *****, and I enjoy gardening. Snapdragons have such intricate, sensuous shapes, and bloom in so many vibrant colors!

Then I checked out your vids and photos, and this one just pulled me in, perhaps because I grew up in a *****. I am going to write about the thoughts and feelings it aroused, so if you feel uncomfortable, stop reading because I have no dishonorable intentions!

Everything about this vid triggered a flood of erotic memories. You leaning on a haybale. As a ***** I used to play in haybales, and when no one was watching, would pee on a bale just to see the pee soaking into the hay and dripping from straw to straw...this was pre-pubescent, so I did not have sex on my mind then, though looking back at it now, sex neurons in my brain must surely have been firing given how turned on by pee I've become as an adult! Once puberty hit, I remember trying to masturbate with a fistful of hay...ouch!! I am sure you know what I mean:) All those memories came flooding back and I was rock hard even before I clicked the play button.

Your tummy looked soft as butter; the inviting little dimple of a navel its centerpiece. I imagined myself kneeling in front of you...leaning close so you feel my warm breath on your navel. I inhale your aroma...plant a gentle kiss then pull back.

You are getting ready to pee but I can't ***** leaning close once again, because the moles near your navel that adorn your supple skin so well are proving irresistible. My face gets close, but you will have none of it. I feel your hand on my hair, pushing me away. Alas!

I watch as your fingers grasp the blue bow of your panties. My cock is straining against my Calvin Klein briefs. I feel the wetness of precum pooling under my foreskin, as I think of the wetness you must surely be feeling inside of you. I am mesmerized, as you slowly pull your panties down, showing me your naughty bits....the luscious pattern of tastefully trimmed pubic hairs on your mound of Venus, and the valley in-between, where I catch a tantalizing glimpse of pink. I can barely contain myself. My frenzied fingers pry open the metal snaps of my jeans and slip inside my briefs. You are smiling down at me, obviously relishing the effect you are having on me.

I grasp my cock in a tight fist and watch as your fingers slide between your legs and part the two sides of your mound, revealing the ***** pink petals of your labia, your very own snapdragon! I can't stand this any longer!! My fist starts moving up and down the hard cock making a tent out of the brief. I look up and see a naughty smile playing on your lips. I know it is time. I start to move close as the first small stream emerges from your flower. I want to feel it! I want to touch it!! I want to taste it!!! But you shake your head. Despite every fiber of my body straining to caress you while you relieve yourself, I stay back. And suddenly, a multiplicity of clear streams erupt, in all their silver glory, in all their writhing power, between your fingers. I glance up, and see this look of surprise on your naughty naughty *****!

I hear birds chirping in the background and the *****-pitched sounds of streams of pee breaking out of the jail of your fingers and cascading toward the ground. I am so close, I can feel the warm mist swirling up from the waterfall. I am so close, I can smell its aroma, oh so intimate! I am so close, I feel a few stray droplets land on my forehead. I am so close, in every sense of the word! My jeans and brief are down by my knees and my fist is pumping faster and faster as my excitement builds.

Just as your waterfall turns into a dribble, I reach a volcanic climax...milky drops spray everywhere, and white strands of cum swing toward the ground from the pink tip of my engorged cock. Guttural, ***** sounds of pure ecstasy escape from my throat. I've lost control.

And you? You calmly pull up your panties, straightening its lace border and adjusting that dainty little blue bow. Then you look at me with a coy smile as you rub your crotch through the wet panties, wipe your fingers on them and then extend that hand, fingers outstretched, for me to kiss, to lick, to taste...Oh, you naughty you!!!

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4 years ago Disabled Account

I still love this video :)

The peeing noise, the nature, the messiness and the way it trickles through your fingers - Amazing!

Thanks ;) x

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2 months ago gazo1954

i want to rub your pussy while you piss

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8 months ago Recurve73

This is such an exciting video! You are amazing!

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1 year ago legeantrose

May I have been there to clean the pussy and legs with my tongue 

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1 year ago gazo1954

i'd like to rub your pussy while you pee

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1 year ago PeePeeGirl123

Beautiful xx I LOVED the gorgeous splashing sound your piss made ;)

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