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4 years ago yetanotherdavid

Absolutely amazing. Verbal, sexy sub, relentless, hot dom, fantastic gear. I can barely get through this without cumming. Wish it were me strapped down and milked like that!

texan5 3 years ago

me to

texan5 3 years ago

me to

(8 votes) 100%


4 years ago flats175

Another fun-for-us video. Hot & sinister. Enjoy the verbal exchanges between you two.  Thanks for sharing

(2 votes) 100%

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1 year ago jojoxtube

Oh great, I have been edging close to 4 hours now, this video drove me over,.  I couldn't hold back! Now i have to start over my self cum denial edging and staying horny game. lol

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1 year ago satters

Holy crap, thats amazing, lucky lad, I love it when he says "oh man"
I so need this doing to me

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2 years ago abu642sm

Neither should the words blame the glans of relentless after ejaculation, that stopped the ball gag. 
I want to see the scene ***** in pleasure ***** more and more. 

I also become masochism person, I want to enjoy the suffering that goes beyond the pleasure.

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2 years ago married_curious

wow - i fantacise about being rendered ***** and ***** sexually by a top like that!

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2 years ago safepigbtm

i need this so bad!!!!

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