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"Loud and Proud" is the regional advocacy campaign led by Youth Voices Count, addressing self-stigma and breaking the linkages to HIV vulnerabilities faced by Young MSM and TG in Asia. The campaign, timing on International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, features a series of in-country and regional activities including community event in 4 countries (Indonesia, Mongolia, the Philippines and Vietnam); the release of short videos; as well as the development of a themed policy brief. "Loud and Proud" expects to raise awareness among relevant stakeholders, donors and service providers on the issues of self-hatred, low self-esteem and potential associated risks of HIV contraction challenged by young people. The voice of young community has been seriously appreciated in this campaign in terms of understanding the issues from insightful perspective of the target audience themselves. Youth Voices Count, through this regional activity, would like to call for particular attention and timely interventions to tackle these specific psychosocial issues; at the same time, promote self-acceptance, self-confidence and health-seeking habits among the young audience by showing them love and support from their beloved ones. Positive messages delivered in the campaign are to motivate young MSM and TG to embrace and love themselves as who they are, unleash their potentials, get involved with the communities, seek for support and open up for love. Youth Voices Count (YVC) is a network of young men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgendered (TG) community leaders in Asia and the Pacific, which aims to support young community to address their HIV related health and human rights issues via capacity building, advocacy and community mobilization. Join us to be Loud and Proud! Facebook: www.facebook.com/YouthVoicesCount Twitter: @YouthVoiceCount Website: www.youthvoicescount.org "no copyright infringement intended" just helping spread awareness =)

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