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Join Dr. Kat Van Kirk and Man About Town, Ross Martineau, in the Ross and Kat's Gay Guide To Sex. This is friendly guide to BDSM. Today we are going to talk about BDSM which stands for Sadomasochism (Sadism and Masochism) & Bondage and Discipline. Lots of people assume that in S & M play that the power all has to do with the person who has yelding the whip, or the handcuffs, or the bondage tape. But the power belongs to the buttered. Basically what we are trying to show to you is not to engage in S & M play. Hey guys take advantage from this fabulous offer from http://www.xtube.com Right now they are offering 50% OFF almost ANY item. FREE Shipping, 3 FREE Hot DVD's, and now even a FREE Mystery Gift. Just Enter the Offer Code GAY50 at the checkout at http://www.xtube.com http://www.xtube.com

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