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So I was gonna just shake my booty for a sec and then play with the dildo, but I got SO into the booty shake, well clappin is more like it, that *****feels so GOOD, like I'm really gettin FUCKED and I can feel a big ole ballsac hittin my pussy but its just my lips clappin together. So its not a real immaculate orgasm, but close! And I didnt even mean to have it! I was just imagining that EVERYONE on xtube was fucking me and that when you watch this youll FEEL just like yur fuckin me and it made me bust ;) Thank you xtube babies for the phat nut!!! I love how you love me. Please come check me out on my LIVE site, cuz it wud def make me cum to have an xtube viewer come watch me live!!! http://www.xtube.com COME FUCK ME FOR REAL!!! If you got the BALLS ;)

by: NikNastic
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Uploaded: October 15, 2010, 05:08 AM

Categories: BBW, Jerk Off

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Heehee. So I put on oil when I get out tha shower, I set up the cam so you could watch as I rubbed it into my booty nice n slow. Touchin my booty gets me SOOO horny!!! I was so clean I decided to put my finger in my butt ;) Sorry that you cant see that much, but I think its still very seductive and you will enjoy watching the look on my face as i fuck myself in the ass ;) Enjoy Baby!!!

by: NikNastic
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Uploaded: October 15, 2010, 04:42 AM

Categories: Anal, Voyeur, BBW

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I thought I only had that one video to offer, but I found this other one that I have made since I got my NEW BODY hehe, well thats what I call it, feels like it when you loose 50 lbs. Watch me have fun playing with it like its a new toy ;)

by: NikNastic
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Uploaded: October 03, 2010, 12:41 AM

Categories: Toys, BBW

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I haven't been able to edit videos to make them short enought to upload on to here in a looong time, but now MY PHONE does video, only 30 sec :(, but hey I can teeease you hehe, works for me cause I want you to want MORE ;) oooooo got all 30 sec movies together! noice! enjoy ;)

by: NikNastic
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Uploaded: October 02, 2010, 03:19 AM

Categories: Big Boobs, BBW, Jerk Off

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