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A sample clip from our video. I guess this release of ours, named "Severe Psycho-Analysis" is the most severe ass whipping video ever shown on the Web. Are you familiar with this creepy instrument? Two twisted electric cables (or wires, name them like you want) constitute a 1 meter long whip - heavy, flexible and tough at the same time. As you may know, this implement was one of the favorite tools of the Nazi troops during the WWII. Along with flexible rubber canes it was used on the occupied territories of the Soviet Union. Of course the domestic discipline I'm featuring has nothing to do with the Nazi ideology or methods, simply such a stuff like power cords and wires is very available, and always near at hand. They can be found in every house, and the instruments made of them are highly efficient. Much more severe than birches or any imaginable strap. That's why some Russians, who practice very severe discipline, use them for the behavior correction needs. We already have one film with this kind of instrument, but this exemplar is heavier, longer and thicker. The marks, which it produces on a human skin are really scary. I wont go into description - just download and see with your own eyes. As regards the content. As an introduction let me tell you one thing, which you might not know. There's a medical clinic in Siberia, where one doctor (a psycho-therapitist) implements the method of corporal punishments for the treatment of such pathologies as depression, ********** smoking and *****addictions etc. Many patients feel much better after that far-out therapy. This has some kind of relation to the action of the present video. Olesia is Asya's friend, and she knew about the strict methods of domestic discipline Asya's husband used for bringing his wife into line. These stories scared her and at the same time aroused a strange interest and an invincible desire to try it. She suffered from a kind of a mental inconvenience and a feeling of discontent about the way of her life in general, her own behavior, and a number of features preventing her from being more successful and increasing the quality of her life. She had a feeling, that such a help from aside like severe corporal punishments along with instructive lecturing might help her. Thorough analysis of female behavior, proper lecturing and proper chastisement is the way Vyacheslav is administering the punishments. Olesia knew it, and at last came to a decision to ask him to try his methods on her. He agreed, but warned her about the severity of the action. Still her interest was stronger that all the fears. So he appointed her a session, and all of you can watch what happened during this meeting, thanks to our camera man, who was generously invited to film that incredible action. Since there wasn't a concrete fault, but an attempt to change some life circumstances to better, Vyacheslav chose a kind of brief psycho-analysis to figure out what the matter of her problems was. Very soon his suspicion was justified. This was a very well known enemy of mankind - the laziness. The vice, which some people are able to fight and overcome, and others give in, and become the victims of this demon. Laziness is the outlet and the point of origination of many evils, and is very hard to treat. Vyacheslav prefers to stimulate Olesia's immunity against this "microbe" in a very hard way. Like a first doze of a strong antibiotic, the correctional whipping shouldn't be slight, so he thinks. He explains the young woman, that the punishment will be very severe in order to boost her power of the will and enable her to fight the laziness. He shows her the instrument. Olesia is scared, but she agrees to take it. After that you can watch the ass whipping, which I think isn't less severe than those which took place during the World War II. We can only hope it will help her. Note, I don't give an advice or recommend anybody to practice corporal punishments in any circumstances. It's up to you, and you have your own brain to decide if it's for you or not. All the sessions I show are very harsh, and this one is the most severe of all we've ever filmed. If you ever decide to try something like that, I would recommend you to think twice and to consult your physician to find out what the state of your health is. Such things are for physically healthy people only, this is what I can say for sure. Download the entire fim (it's not too long) and see how 70 full strength lashes of this dreadful instrument can change the appearance of a nice plump naked female bottom. You must have very healthy nerves to watch this gal's ordeal. Fing this video and others here: http://vod.russianwoodshed.com

by: Alfred_Schulz
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Uploaded: June 17, 2010, 07:24 AM

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