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 Filipina fuck-wifey
A filipina slut married to a cuckold

Tags: asian : cuckold : cunt : filipina : tits
Niches: Amateur : Asian : MILF
Added: 2 months by runesmith
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 An encounter in Phoenix
I was on a business trip, and was staying the weekend over in Phoenix. I had originally planned to meet up with an Xtuber for the weekend, but it didn't happen. So I was sitting at the bar one day when I saw one of the waitresses eying me. I chatted her up, and later that night, after her shift ended, she came knocking at my door. These pics were taken the morning after.

Tags: ass : native-american : pussy : tits : waitress
Niches: Amateur : Big Boobs : MILF
Added: 2 years by runesmith
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 Fotzenschleim - Misc pics with face
Here are some pics that didn't make it to other albums. Her face is no longer edited. She accepts who she is now. If you happen to be in the same town in NRW as her, and recognize her, walk up to her and whisper the word "Fotzenschleim" - then tell her where and when to meet. She has been ordered to give a blow job to anyone who knows that password. If she does not keep the appointment, fail to satisfy you or fail to swallow - please write me a message stating date and time of the bad service. I will see that she gets the punishment she deserves.

Tags: Fotzenschleim : fucktoy : slave : slut : submissive
Niches: Amateur : Mature : BDSM
Added: 2 years by runesmith
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 Sonia, the neighbourhood Thai masseuse
Sonia runs a private massage business out of her home, and I have been visiting her for a while. Even though she is happily married and goes to great lengths to advertise that her massage has no "funny business", after several months of effort I managed to seduce her. The next step was to convince her to pose for photos. Equipped with a porn DVD and a mask, I managed to break through that barrier as well :) Posing got her so horny, she didn't object to me sampling her anal hole as well.

Tags: anal : deepthroat : mask : massage : masseuse : Thai
Niches: Amateur : Anal : Asian
Added: 4 years by runesmith
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 Fotzenschleim - serving coffee
The married slut serving coffee in a see-through dress. Please leave comments. She gets wet reading them. The more explicit your comments, the more motivated she will be to have more of her photos posted.

Tags: fotzenschleim : german : milf : see-through : yvonne
Niches: Amateur : Softcore : MILF
Added: 4 years by runesmith
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 Fotzenschleim - My fucktoy Yvonne training
Yvonne is on a strict training regime to make her body toned and more desirable. This set of pics shows her at training. You are seeing the next stage in her development - the face is not hidden anymore, and the comments were written by herself (after a good amount of persuasion and prompting, but still...)

Tags: boots : exercise : Fotzenschleim : German : stockings
Niches: Amateur : MILF : Bush
Added: 4 years by runesmith
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 Now you know what I did this summer...
During my summer vacation in a southern European resort, I decided (partly out of boredom), to seduce a local "good" girl. I finally selected a target - a young chick who frequented the cafe where I usually had my breakfast. After a week of flirting with this Mediterranean beauty, I finally got her to visit me at my hotel room. That's when I discovered why she always wears those baggy shirts - she is married, and 7 months pregnant.

Tags: greek : oral : pregnant : sex : tattoo
Niches: Blowjob : Fetish : Hardcore
Added: 4 years by runesmith
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 Fotzenschleim - The Blouse series
A series of photos with the slut dressed in a see through blouse and a short skirt, in her bedroom. Her face is edited in these pics. Same rules as before - to see the unedited pics, post comments on these pics and you will get the pin to unlock the hidden album.

Tags: exhibitionist : German : honey : humiliation : slut : submissive : whore
Niches: Amateur : Miscellaneous : MILF
Added: 4 years by runesmith
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 Yvonne (Fotzenschleim) - Cafe pics series
The shy german slut goes on a daring adventure. She was driven to a small town in a neighbouring state, dressed in a see through top and made up like a slut. While sitting in a cafe drinking wine and coffee, she was ordered to bare it all... Enjoy!

Tags: cafe : exhibitionist : german
Niches: Amateur : Voyeur : MILF
Added: 5 years by runesmith
Photos: 56 | Viewed: 17060 | Comments 4

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 Amandine - the French milk cow
I've been cybering with this French slut, who is taking hormones to grow her tits and lactate.

Tags: lactation : tits
Niches: Amateur : Big Boobs : Fetish
Added: 5 years by runesmith
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 Yvonne - My German cunt who loves humiliation
Fotze Yvonne loves it when I look at her exhibitionist pics, and verbally violate her. Update - I have a new name for her: Fotzenschleim Should I create a separate album for her cafe pics series? Leave comments if you want me to

Tags: blonde : exhibitionist : german
Niches: Amateur : Softcore : Bush
Added: 5 years by runesmith
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 My Asian Sluts 16 - Chloe the HongKong bar fly
Picked up this bar fly in one of the hot spots in Wanchai

Tags: asian : blowjob : cumshot : hongkong
Niches: Amateur : Asian : Blowjob
Added: 5 years by runesmith
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 My asian sluts 15 - Lilly the vietnamese businesswoman
Lilly was in Singapore for a training, where I met her and chatted her up. Over drinks she confessed to me that, although she is happily married, she has an unfulfilled fantasy... she wanted to be tied up, her clothes ripped off, to be helpless as filthy things were done to her. How could I resist? So, the next evening I headed over to her hotel room...

Tags: asian : bdsm : fantasy : vietnamese
Niches: Amateur : Asian : BDSM
Added: 5 years by runesmith
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 My asian sluts 14 - Imah the toy-freak
A Singaporean malay shop girl I picked up after sweet-talking her a few times. She loved toys. One day I persuaded her to let me photo-document how wet she gets with those buzzing gadgets...

Tags: malay : pussy : singaporean : vibrator : wet
Niches: Amateur : Asian : Toys
Added: 5 years by runesmith
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 My Asian Sluts 13 - Phrom again
Met up again with Phrom on yet another trip to Bangkok. This divorced mother of two is a stick of dynamite in bed, and loves hardcore BDSM play. This time, I asked her to put on Kabuki make-up and pony tails like a true slut...

Tags: anal : asian : BDSM : bondage : Thai
Niches: Anal : Asian : BDSM
Added: 5 years by runesmith
Photos: 40 | Viewed: 4779 | Comments 2

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 My Asian Sluts 12 - Padma the Indonesian goth gal
Met this freaky little slut through SmutVibes (a once-thriving adult dating site, now just a cyber graveyard, unfortunately). We arranged to meet up in a seedy motel. I didn't realize how seedy it was until I got there. No regrets, though - she was amazing.

Tags: asian : goth : indonesian : piercings : sex
Niches: Asian : Blowjob : Teens
Added: 5 years by runesmith
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 My Asian sluts 11 - Rose the Indonesian MILF
Rose was a waitress at a restaurant near my hotel. I didn't get food for take away - I just had the waitress for take away.

Tags: asian : indonesian : MILF
Niches: Amateur : Asian : MILF
Added: 5 years by runesmith
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 My Asian sluts 10 - Jenny, the filipina college girl
Met this 19 yr old college girl at an outdoor concert in Manila. Took her shopping, bought her some nice clothes, and we went to my hotel room to try them out...

Tags: asian : blowjob : filipina : humiliation : leash : lingerie : sex
Niches: Amateur : Asian : Teens
Added: 5 years by runesmith
Photos: 41 | Viewed: 6877 | Comments 0

(151 votes)

 My Asian sluts 9 - Phrom the thai BDSM addict
Met her through CollarMe, and arranged to meet up for a session when I was in Bangkok

Tags: anal : asian : bdsm : bondage : thai : tied : wax
Niches: Anal : Asian : BDSM
Added: 5 years by runesmith
Photos: 34 | Viewed: 2592 | Comments 0

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 My Asian sluts 8 - Maria the filipina admin
An admin with a wild side, who prowls the club scene by night looking for kinky adventures

Tags: asian : filipina : humiliation : objectification : submissive
Niches: Amateur : Asian : Fetish
Added: 5 years by runesmith
Photos: 18 | Viewed: 2611 | Comments 0

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