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 2012 update
Been a while since I uploaded any pictures. I have gotten in better shape and thought I would post an update.

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Niches: My Cock
Added: 3 years by davidwellhung
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 Updated pics
I got a new camera and thought it was time to update my pictures. If you give awsome head and live in Boston or the North Shore (male or female) let me know. My wife is a super petite 4'8 and 80 pound woman who gags as soon as the head of my cock slides past her lips.

Tags: hung : seven : thick
Niches: My Cock
Added: 5 years by davidwellhung
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 Very Horny in Boston
I was feeling very horny and felt the urge to get hard for the camera. I hope you enjoy. My dick is only 7" but have never had complaints from men or women. In fact it is all my wife can handle since she is 4'10 and 90 pounds. It always feels like I am sliding into a steel vice when I am in her pussy. If any of you (men or women) are in the Boston area and like what you see please let me know :) I work in the Hancock Tower and would love to meet some fellow XTubers!

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Niches: My Cock
Added: 6 years by davidwellhung
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 Recent update
God I really need to go to the gym more. 43 and starting to get soft. Anyway, here is a picture I took when I had a raging hardon at 1 in the morning and could not sleep. Hope you like

Tags: hard : horny : mushroom
Niches: My Cock
Added: 6 years by davidwellhung
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 New i-phone pics
I just got an i-phone for the holidays, so of course I have to take pictures of my dick at every opportunity!

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Niches: My Cock
Added: 7 years by davidwellhung
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 Some pictures of me
Just some pics of my dick. Let me know what you think! There are a lot of guys on here with monster dicks, and I am not one of them. But I am bigger than average and I have been told have a nice girth. Give me some encouragement and I will post some more. Oh and I have a video too.. check that out in my profile. And if (by chance) there are any older women out there in the Boston area (50 or 60+) please let me know... I love the older gals.

Tags: big : endowed : hard : hung : mushroom
Niches: My Cock
Added: 8 years by davidwellhung
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