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 You wanna ride
Can you do this to me

Tags: Atlanta : black : bottom : interracial
Niches: Anal : Interracial : Butts
Added: 1 year by blkass4whtrod
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 Just me
I was asked about my pic. Well here is one that was taken a few weeks back on my trip to the midwest. Met a regular fuck buddy of the last five years, life and situations have always gotten in the way of a relationship for us, but this night I got the loving and the hard pounding that I needed. For the first time ever, I was like “M**** please cum. He fucked me rabbit like for a good 30 minutes. Still sore, but dam it felt good. Cant wait to get back go back in August. Also on tumblr as regulargaydudeinatlanta

Tags: interracial
Niches: Anal : Interracial : General Gay
Added: 2 years by blkass4whtrod
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 just me
just me waiting for you

Tags: black : gay : interracial : white
Niches: Anal : Interracial : General Gay
Added: 6 years by blkass4whtrod
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