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 Misc Fucking Photos
Just a few fun photos of me having fun.

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 Stills From My Recent Airport Jack Off Video Where I was Cau
I was bored during a layover in the Atlanta airport today and decided to rub one out in the men’s room. So I chose a stall across from the urinals where I could see the backs of all the guys through the gaps in the door. It was hot knowing that I was jerking with guys sitting in the stalls on both sides and standing outside the door. Most guys just walked by the door without even looking, but one turned from the urinal and did a double take. Shit he saw me through the gap. Damn, I thought, oh well and spread my legs to give him a better view of my now rock hard dick. He paused with a wtf look on his face, and furtively looked around and then left. Damn I was just getting back into it, when about a minute later…dude shows up right outside the door. Staring at me, as much as he could without being too obvious. I debated opening the door to see if he would suck me off, but thought better of it. Just wan’t the right setting. Figured the camera I had set up would have probably scared him away anyway. But guys, I came so hard, and shot over the edge of the bowl onto the floor. Attached are a couple of stills from the video.

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 Just a Few Cock Shots

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