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 Are You Looking Up My Skirt?
My hubby likes to look up skirts; I must admit the view is rather nice. I like to see a female body from the rear and up her skirt, makes me horny. so we decided to snap some upskirt pics for you as he peeled off my panties and proceeded to service my very ready pregnant pussy....enjoy!

Tags: and : ass : from : my : panty : peeling : pregnant : pussy : rear : the : upskirt
Niches: Fetish : MILF : Bisexual
Added: 1 year by sh2wp
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 Pregnant MILF Tribbing With Her Pantycock GirlFriend
We are two hot girls tribbing; feels so good to rub our pussies together! Oh, your clit is so big it goes into me!

Tags: boi : cd : gurl : lesbian : MILF : pregnant : sissy : tirbbing : tribadism
Niches: Fetish : Lesbian : MILF
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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 My Pantied Cock at 8 Weeks Pregnant
My puffy cock at 8 weeks into my wife's pregnancy. She makes me so hard!

Tags: cd : cock : cross : dresser : my : pantycock
Niches: Fetish : Bisexual : My Cock
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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 8 Weeks Getting Thick; Puffy Pussy Spreading!
Posing for my 8 Week Pregnancy Pics! Pussy getting hot and whats to be filled!

Tags: posing : Pregnant : puffy : pussy : spreading
Niches: Big Boobs : Fetish : Bisexual
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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 My 8 Week Pregnant Titties and Pussy!

Tags: and : milf : Pregnant : pussy : tits
Niches: Fetish : MILF : Bisexual
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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 8 Weeks Prego

Tags: MILF : Pregnant
Niches: Miscellaneous : MILF : Bisexual
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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 MILF in the Kitchen
This is my wife in the kitchen wearing different panties for me. I also work in the kitchen too, but tonight I get to watch her in her panties as she gets domestic! She is such a sweetheart and tease! this photo shoot led us to the bedroom wear she took my anal virginity doggie style with her "special" panties with a built in horse-cock. I could hardly take it but she trained me that night to take a big dick and open up. I ended up cumming all over the camera which sat on the floor underneath us for a good angle. Watch the vid cumming soon!

Tags: in : kitchen : mama : MILF : modeling : mom : panties : panty : tease : the
Niches: Fetish : Softcore : MILF
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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 White Pace Pantycock Tuck
Here I am again in my lace, tucking my cock and having some cock to cock fun too! so Hot!

Tags: boi : cock : gurl : lace : pantycock : pussy : sissyboi : tuck
Niches: General Gay : Bisexual : Transexual
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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 Boi Playing a Gurl Playing a Boi Transgender Play; Switching
I am in lacey panties and thigh highs. My "clit" is tightly packed away and my "pussy" mound is teases with another cock! Would you like me to use this on you?

Tags: clit : cock : dildo : highs : lace : pantyboi : pantyboy : play : thigh : transgender : tucking
Niches: Fetish : General Gay : Bisexual
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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 Cock Tucking in Black and White Lace
I found it hot to wear panties and thigh highs. When I tuck my cock down I can tease you with my pussy mound and I think that's fun; to make you horny when I lap dance on you and you surprise me by pulling me down on you penetrating me through my panties!

Tags: boi : C2C : cock : gurl : highs : lace : lingerie : MTF : sissy : thigh : tucking
Niches: Fetish : Bisexual : Jerk Off
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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 Black and White Lace Pantycock
I tried out some of my wife's lacey lingerie on and just thought I'd share some pics. I do enjoy the feel of sheer and silky lingerie on me; it's another way to "slip into my wife" so to speak. I am just an ordinary perv that has a great wife that allows him to express his pervy tendencies, ha! enjoy my lacey outfit, I did! Watch what happened after this photo shoot in my vid.

Tags: black : cock : creamy : cum : cummy : dick : dripping : jackoff : lace : lacey : masturbate : pantied : panties : panty : perv : sissy : white
Niches: Fetish : Bisexual : Transexual
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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 Pregnant MILF Pussy
Pregnant Again! I am getting bigger and thicker in every way. My nipples are bigger, darker and sensitive; my pussy is getting fatter, and my breasts are engorging fast! Oh I do like my pregoboobies! I am hornier than ever and I can cum so easily, something to do with my hormones. hehe! Cum along and watch me as I grow!

Tags: and : pregnancy : prego : pussy : titties
Niches: Big Boobs : MILF : Bisexual
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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(6 votes)

 Mmmmmmm Pussy
My wife's pussy; always sweet and she likes it too! I mean she kinda likes pussy, OK, she likes pussy and would love to bang another pussy and like the look of her own pussy but not necessarily the taste or smell for whatever reason hmmmmm?

Tags: MILF : pussy : wife's
Niches: Lesbian : MILF : Bisexual
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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(3 votes)

This is some playtime around our vid when we switched roles of boy and girl.

Tags: ass : cock : panties : pantycock : strapon
Niches: Anal : Toys : Bisexual
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
Photos: 8 | Viewed: 1159 | Comments 1

(2 votes)

 Pulling Off My Panties
My Hubby is always horny and here he is playing with my panties and working them off me so he can see my pussy and ass and get his hard one in me. I like it that he wants me all the time!

Tags: ass : cock : panties : pussy
Niches: Softcore : MILF : Bisexual
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
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 Playiing My Wife's Gurl friend in Pink Cummy Cock
Practicing being my wife's gurl friend. Gettiing so hot in pink again. Blew my load during this session.

Tags: cock : panty : pink
Niches: Fetish : Bisexual : My Cock
Added: 2 years by sh2wp
Photos: 8 | Viewed: 1076 | Comments 1

(5 votes)

 Wife Blow Drying Her Wet Pussy
This is my lovely wife posing for us as she blow-dries her pussy after a shower. She does this every day. I love the way she move and the curves of her body....so soft and smooth inside and out! I love this fine lady! mm mm mm!

Tags: blowdryer : clit : lesbian : MILF : posing : pussy : shecock : shower : wife
Niches: Amateur : MILF : Bisexual
Added: 3 years by sh2wp
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(8 votes)

 Wife Shaving & Stuffing Me!
This is me in the tubby; my wife carefully shaving my ass. Sorry about all the zits from previous shavings, guess I'm getting razor burn or ingrown hairs from shaving so smoothly. Anyway I enjoyed her attention as she stuffed a cock in my ass and had me pull my cock in the slippery bath salts...mmmmm so good!

Tags: anal : ass : cd : my : riding : shemale : toys : tv
Niches: Anal : Toys : Bisexual
Added: 3 years by sh2wp
Photos: 18 | Viewed: 4480 | Comments 3

(7 votes)

 My MILF-Wife in the Tubby
Ooooh, this is my wife in a slippery warm tubby. She is so soft to snuggle against and knows how to handle my hard dick. Good times, good times. Enjoy and Comment please.

Tags: anal : bisexual : cock : MILF : wife
Niches: MILF : Bisexual : Swingers
Added: 3 years by sh2wp
Photos: 12 | Viewed: 3791 | Comments 3

(1 votes)

 Married Bathtub Fun
My wife gets me so hot in the bathtub; she knows all the right things to do. Join us as we roo around and explore each other and have some slippery fun. The bathtub water is really soft and slippery bc we have some bath salts in there. It's almost like taking a bath in slippery lube mmmmmm.

Tags: bath : tub
Niches: Bisexual
Added: 3 years by sh2wp
Photos: 2 | Viewed: 2211 | Comments 0

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