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This was Jay's first time fucking a guy, so basically I had to do most of the work, but he worth it! for more of Jay please visit beefcakehuntercom

by: BeefCakeHunter
Type: Public
Views: 64,897
Uploaded: February 28, 2015, 10:56 PM

Categories: Anal, Blow Jobs, General Gay

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For me this was a small hotel Gangbang, only 13 tops. But it was an intense hour of being fucked and bred. Many tops would not allow being filmed and as I promised them, those willing, no faces are shown. The first top (Prince Ali) offered to be the camera man. And this was just a warm up to me going to the Baths for a crazy night of fun. In fact Prince Ali was also at the baths, whoring me out to any top he could find that night. I wish that was filmed. Filmed Vancouver Feb 2015 Need tops for a gb shoot in NYC may 19th. This time it is by a real porn studio and is payed for close up breeding, you dont have to show your face, pays more if showing face. Also I am doing personal GB parties in LA May 16, Chicago every day May 22,23,24 at IML, and I will be in London and Berlin in June.

by: RyanCummings
Type: Public
Views: 266,260
Uploaded: April 01, 2015, 04:17 PM

Categories: Group Sex, Daddies, Anal

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Sex with Papimalo just keeps getting better and better. This time he really didn't hold anything back and fucked the bejeezus out of me.

by: shinywarm
Type: Public
Views: 361,586
Uploaded: June 12, 2013, 10:19 PM

Categories: Hardcore, General Gay, Big Cock

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sólo una parte de una rica cogida con un culito super rico, putito y griton como me gustan, me calienta un chingo, dijo que era la primera vez que usaba suspensorios y yo creo que se le veian muuuuuy bien,

by: diablohot
Type: Public
Views: 23,467
Uploaded: July 20, 2014, 07:49 AM

Categories: Latino, Anal, Amateur

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aqui ya le entró bien y empieza el placer... me encantan las caras que hace y como disfruta tenerme dentro. Aún hay problemas para grabar, así que si hay alguien que se anime a grabarnos, ya saben... sólo propuestas serias.

by: diablohot
Type: Public
Views: 44,496
Uploaded: February 01, 2015, 09:14 PM

Categories: Hardcore, Anal, Amateur

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White Sissy CD Teen gets a real going over by Blacks

by: SandiSands
Type: Public
Views: 253,152
Uploaded: January 25, 2014, 09:41 PM

Categories: Transexual, Interracial, General Gay

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Un amigo y yo nos echamos a un putito caliente.

by: boykdf29
Type: Public
Views: 44,078
Uploaded: June 02, 2013, 07:06 AM

Categories: Group Sex, Anal, Amateur

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sabrosa orgia con 4 machos deseando pazar una rica noche s¿de sexo colectivo

by: Georgedeimon
Type: Public
Views: 8,787
Uploaded: December 13, 2014, 11:09 PM

Categories: Fisting, Latino, Amateur

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rutina de fisting un sabado por la noche con un macho muy caliente metiendome puño

by: Georgedeimon
Type: Public
Views: 2,039
Uploaded: January 23, 2015, 11:53 PM

Categories: Fisting, Latino, Fetish

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Un amigo me coge mientras mi novio nos graba. Hace unos meses, mi novio sorpresivamente volvía temprano del trabajo y me encontró cogiendo con alguien, lejos de la reacción que todos esperaríamos de enojo, disfrutó de la escena y decidió unirse. El resultado ya lo pueden ver

by: smenkareh
Type: Public
Views: 48,308
Uploaded: March 11, 2014, 09:57 PM

Categories: Latino, Anal, Amateur

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This is the 3rd Free clip to celerbrate 500 dollars donated to monkey charitys I just donated 100 dollars to help save Gorillas so far Me and my fans have helped save chimpanzees gorillas and preserve 1 acre of rainforest enjoy the free clip and remember even hotter clips are for sale for just a few dollars each 2 more free clips to go they will be orgy and gangbang

by: crazymonkey1
Type: Public
Views: 171,666
Uploaded: November 18, 2013, 07:33 AM

Categories: Anal, Amateur, Asian
Tags: sex, white, asian, anal

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A hot video getting bred by a super-hot escort one afternoon while he was "off the clock." Filmed from 2 different angles.

by: DirtyPuppyLA
Type: Public
Views: 632,997
Uploaded: November 22, 2013, 06:12 AM

Categories: Hunks, Anal, General Gay

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So this friend stayed the night and I woke up really hard that I ended up fucking him before going to school. Enjoy

by: tonyze4
Type: Public
Views: 237,565
Uploaded: August 28, 2014, 10:40 PM

Categories: Butts, Anal, Amateur

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rica mantequilla

Type: Public
Views: 39,178
Uploaded: May 16, 2014, 03:40 AM

Categories: Daddies, Latino, Amateur
Tags: gay

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Un pende muy lindo y entregado, pasó a comer pija por boca y orto...

by: pijoso
Type: Public
Views: 63,920
Uploaded: December 17, 2012, 10:00 PM

Categories: General Gay, Blow Jobs, Anal
Tags: gay, amateur

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Str8 guys fucking a queer

by: gaytruck
Type: Public
Views: 105,119
Uploaded: November 25, 2013, 08:30 PM

Categories: Hunks, Hardcore, Group Sex

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no idea what the story is here...badly dubbed but damn the man i sexy...

by: gold319
Type: Public
Views: 85,968
Uploaded: April 18, 2013, 11:02 PM

Categories: Amateur
Tags: cub, str8

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what is hotter than a mixed guy?

by: asiantoyou
Type: Private
Views: 72,558
Uploaded: December 23, 2014, 01:12 PM

Categories: Latino, Interracial, Asian

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by: nakedbuff
Type: Public
Views: 318,928
Uploaded: June 04, 2013, 10:50 PM

Categories: Big Cock, Anal, Amateur

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Simon is back to get his dick sucked some more. He says during the shoot I can make him cum with my mouth. I was planning on making him cum with my other hole and he enjoyed that just as much if not more!

by: canadianmale
Type: Public
Views: 12,980
Uploaded: November 26, 2014, 12:21 AM

Categories: Amateur, Anal, General Gay
Tags: amateur

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by: kyawnyein
Type: Public
Views: 373,886
Uploaded: July 05, 2014, 03:23 PM

Categories: MILF, Amateur
Tags: wife, cheating

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Hermosura de Chamaco Lo conoci al abordar un taxi de regreso de mi trabajo . Guapo, vergudo y bien lechudo . Video completo disponible , sin edicion , audio original y material xtra .

by: HairyHunter80
Type: Public
Views: 26,856
Uploaded: June 28, 2014, 11:12 PM

Categories: Amateur, Latino, Twinks
Tags: morrillo

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ELI LEWIS 3-way Fuck-Fest Part 2 I Love this video of Eli Lewis and had to repost it Here is Eli Lewis Blog Website (http://www.elilewisonline.com)

by: Volfan18
Type: Public
Views: 44,100
Uploaded: March 24, 2014, 08:50 AM

Categories: Hardcore, Group Sex, Asian

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Aqui una recopilacion de las muchas de mis folladas que me dieron durante todo el año 2012 hasta septiembre del 2013. Son 33 minutos de un resumen de diferentes escenas de MI CULO CHORREANDO Y CHORREANDO ESPERMA y tambien piss que me dan. Que lo disfruten!!

by: Latinohotxxx
Type: Public
Views: 74,382
Uploaded: January 24, 2014, 04:44 PM

Categories: General Gay, Anal, Amateur
Tags: cum, piss, gay, bareback, ****

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Otro de nuestros trios en México, ahora con un chavito de 19 años mega vergón y cogelón

by: Citizen-Kane
Type: Private
Views: 77,399
Uploaded: April 23, 2014, 07:12 AM

Categories: Twinks, Group Sex, Amateur

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