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My wife edges for a long t..
Title: Female edging and ruined orgasm
Rating: 4.87
Duration: 20:25
Description: My wife edges for a long time. As she gets to close she pulls the toy away and hangs on for a few..


Sir ordered me to edge til..
Title: ordered to edge without cumming
Rating: 4.83
Duration: 6:13
Description: Sir ordered me to edge till i cant hold of any more.. and ff course i will be punished if i cum wi..


Baby and I had a bet that ..
Title: Small Cock Dirty Talk Handjob
Rating: 3.67
Duration: 3:39
Description: Baby and I had a bet that the next cock inside her would be 8 inch plus. I lost the bet and paye..


Several slo-mo, cum-coaxin..
Title: Observed and directed
Rating: 5.00
Duration: 18:45
Description: Several slo-mo, cum-coaxing, penis-squeezing masturbation orgasms from winter 2013/14. Some superc..


Wife Sucking my cock durin..
Title: WIfe loves to suck my cock
Rating: 4.70
Duration: 3:19
Description: Wife Sucking my cock during Monday night football


see how fucking swollen my..
Title: rubbing my pumped clit and edging
Rating: 5.00
Duration: 3:03
Description: see how fucking swollen my clit gets after I pump it? And it's so sensitive I could probably cum j..


I had pics from this up be..
Title: Don't be shy. I know you want this.
Rating: 4.94
Duration: 6:34
Description: I had pics from this up before but not the video. For my birthday my wife fucked me, legs-up with..


My pussy is exposed and my..
Title: Exposed pussy edged and orgasm
Rating: 4.96
Duration: 9:42
Description: My pussy is exposed and my clit edged. Orgasm at the end.


Chastity Mistress Astrid i..
Title: Nylon Tease and Denial 1, Trailer
Rating: 5.00
Duration: 1:46
Description: Chastity Mistress Astrid is tease torturing Her Her chastity cuckold hubby slave.


Session on 1/19/14...part ..
Title: A Surprise Participant.. Stretching Rack part 2
Rating: 5.00
Duration: 7:47
Description: Session on 1/19/14...part 2 of 2.. Client in his late 50's did not have a car to get here and aske..


Session on 1/19/14...part ..
Title: A Surprise Participant .. Stretching Rack part 1
Rating: 4.85
Duration: 8:03
Description: Session on 1/19/14...part 1 of 2.. Client in his late 50's did not have a car to get here and aske..


I meant to edge for longer..
Title: Edging Along
Rating: 4.84
Duration: 9:39
Description: I meant to edge for longer but it just felt too damn good.


I wanted to edge for a whi..
Title: Edging Again
Rating: 5.00
Duration: 4:48
Description: I wanted to edge for a while but as usual I went a bit too far and started coming. I did edge for ..


very intense edging and or..
Title: edging and cum
Rating: 5.00
Duration: 6:48
Description: very intense edging and orgasm


8/16/13..Edited webcam vid..
Title: Stretched spread eagled and edged on the Rack
Rating: 5.00
Duration: 3:30
Description: 8/16/13..Edited webcam video with Client. After stretching me out and torturing my cock he shoves ..


Jake with a Couple, For he..
Title: Stretched spread eagle on the Rack and interrogated
Rating: 5.00
Duration: 3:45
Description: Jake with a Couple, For her Birthday the wife wanted to interrogate another male with her Hubby an..


Role play.(May 2013) Clien..
Title: Tricked then stretched.. part 2
Rating: 4.88
Duration: 5:30
Description: Role play.(May 2013) Client talks Jake into trying out the restraints for the spread eagle stretch..


Role play.. On their Anniv..
Title: Couples Anniversary "gift" on the Rack
Rating: 4.47
Duration: 9:00
Description: Role play.. On their Anniverary John hires Jake for a gift to his wife(Isis) who has never explore..


A pussy is held accountabl..
Title: Sexy Pussy Spanking
Rating: 4.80
Duration: 4:11
Description: A pussy is held accountable via clothespins and pumped first, then spanked to orgasm.


Title: Edging
Rating: 4.81
Duration: 7:14


This instructs you through..
Title: Beat the clock
Rating: 3.92
Duration: 19:14
Description: This instructs you through a series of playtime and hands off periods, bringing you to the edge an..


Title: Edging and cum
Rating: 4.96
Duration: 8:04


Holding back from an explo..
Title: Edging
Rating: 4.96
Duration: 12:43
Description: Holding back from an exploding orgasm in front of window in an Army camp. Sorry, I haven't trimmed..


I'm being punished for acc..
Title: Ordered to Masturbate but Not Allowed to Come
Rating: 5.00
Duration: 8:33
Description: I'm being punished for accidentally screwing up an assignment.. I've been ordered to masturbate on..